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Nate Netti

Nate Netti

Nate Netti

“Attending Malone enabled me to pursue my passions with excellence and intentionality ”

God has made you different than anyone else on this earth.  You are an individual with your own dreams, callings, ideas and passions. When searching for a university, you shouldn’t have to compromise who you are. At Malone, you are not just another prospective student--you are more than just another name and test score on just another application. You are an important individual who was created by God to do great things. As a recent Malone grad, I know firsthand how important it is to find a school that understands this and does everything possible to help you achieve great things with your life. 

Malone was the absolute best fit for me: it gave me the opportunity to grow in my giftings and excel in my calling. Whether playing music in a band with friends I met on campus, touring Europe with the university chorale, or starting my own small business, attending Malone enabled me to pursue my passions with excellence and intentionality.

The community I found at Malone was second to none. I developed relationships that have shaped and will continue to shape me for the rest of my life. I even met my wife here! I’m sure as soon as you step on campus you too will immediately feel the welcoming and strong sense of community—that is Malone! 

Whether it was through what I learned in the classroom, how I grew through relationships with my close friends, or what I experienced through student life, attending Malone enabled me to feel like an individual who can change the world. Embrace your uniqueness and let Malone help you find your true calling and empower you to be a world changer as well!

May God bless you as you journey! 

Students from the following Areas are assigned to Nate:

Ohio Counties: Cincinnati, Dayton and north, Springfield and Canton Proper