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Especially for Homeschooled Students...

Students who were home schooled have found great success at Malone, including a role as student body president.

"I just felt comfortable when I visited Malone, which was something that I hadn't felt once throughout the college-search process," said recent alum Joshua Eck, who is now working as press secretary for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. "None of the other colleges compared to the peaceful feeling that I had at Malone."

The application process for students who were homeschooled is pretty much the same as it is most other students. See our policies here.

Apply online now.

Helpful hints:

  • Who was responsible for your transcript records? This individual or organization must compile a typed, signed and dated, official transcript (including courses taken in 9-12 grade, and the corresponding grade received for each course). Please note if you used a specific curriculum.

  • If you took any courses at a college or university prior to completing high school, contact the college and request that they send an official transcript to Malone.

  • To be eligible for admission, you are required to complete 4 units of high school English, 3 units of mathematics (including algebra, plane geometry, and algebra II), 3 units of science (including a laboratory science), 2 units of history, 2 units of a foreign language, one unit of visual or performing arts, and at least 2 academic electives.

  • You must submit an official ACT or SAT score.

  • Your Malone admissions counselor is here to answer all of your questions and wants to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be throughout the entire process. Don't hesitate to contact us - we're here for you!

    It's required for all incoming students, but be sure to take full advantage of new student orientation. Says Josh, "I would say that the thing that helped me the most was orientation. At first, when I was looking online at the orientation schedule, I was irritated because I thought it seemed like I was at summer camp. However, looking back, orientation contributed to some of my best friendships. It also kept me so busy that I didn't have time to miss all my old friends or my family. By the time I realized I wasn't at home anymore, it was time to go home for fall break!"  

    1. The required distribution of high school credit units is 4 units of English with emphasis on composition, 3 units of mathematics (including Algebra I, Plane Geometry and Algebra II, 3 units of science (including a laboratory science), 2 units of social studies, one unit of history, 2 units of a foreign language, one unit of visual or performing arts, and at least 2 academic electives.

    2. Additional units in mathematics and science are recommended for students who plan to enter programs in computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, or nursing.

    3. An adult whose high school preparation is incomplete may be admitted on the basis of the General Education Development Test, providing the average standard test score is at least 450 (53 under old standards) with no one score below 410 (48 under old standards). Additional tests may be requested.

    4. Students whose previous academic programs or achievements have not been satisfactory, but whose test scores and other qualifications indicate probable success in college, may be granted admission on condition or probation. The final decision rests with the Director of Admissions. A personal interview may be required for students admitted on condition or probation.

      1. Home-Schooled Students

        1. Complete and return the standard application form. Students may also apply on-line at www.malone.edu.

        2. Include a non-refundable $20 application fee (waived for online application).

        3. Submit a transcript of courses, credits, and grades. If applicable, any supporting documents such as reading lists may be included. Transcripts from any post-secondary coursework must also be submitted.

        4. Submit an official ACT or SAT score.

        5. Home-schooled students are eligible for any of Malone’s merit-based scholarship and grant programs.