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Meet a transfer student!

Meet Beth Kerlin, a senior Communication Arts - Public Relations major who transferred to Malone her sophomore year!

Beth KerlinQ. Why did you choose Malone?

A. I transferred to Malone halfway through my sophomore year. After visiting campus I not only could see myself being friends with the students I met, but I actually made new friends during my overnight visit.

Q. What stands out in your experience at Malone?

A. Malone has a unique culture that I didn't feel at other schools I visited. Students actually left their doors open while working on homework so friends walking down the hallway could pop their head in the door to say hello. On good days, I always had someone to share my exciting news with, and on bad days I had someone to pray with me. While it sounds cliche, Malone truly is like living with a family that you picked.

I feel like I learn something new from every person I meet. The community at Malone is rich with wisdom and knowledge.

Q. What is your dream job?

A. I would love to travel America spreading the gospel. In order to do this I would enjoy coordinating event planning and fundraising.

Q. How is Malone preparing you for your career?

A. Malone has helped me prepare both spiritually and academically for my career. I feel equipped with not only the knowledge, but also the confidence, to fulfill my calling.

Q. What opportunities are you taking advantage of during college?

A. Internships. After college, I will start paying back my student loans and it will not be as feasible to do internships. Also, the contact with professionals, such as alumni and local business owners.

Q. Describe a faculty relationship.

A. Before I even came to Malone, Public Relations Professor Ann Lawson took the time to sit down with me and my parents to answer all of our questions. Since then, Ann has been a source of advice for me in both academic and personal situations. She truly cares about me and wants to help me reach my dreams and potential.

Q. How is Malone contributing to your spiritual growth? 

A. While at Malone, I have met young people who are truly on fire for the Lord; their dedication to Jesus Christ is unique and inspirational. They helped me to begin to live out my faith. Even though I grew up in the church, I had never really been around people who tried to live like Jesus. This has helped me to mature in my faith.

Some evenings, a group of students would gather in the Rose Room, our prayer room on campus to worship and pray together. It wasn't an organized meeting - just people who would come - and as people would trickle in we would gain a guitar player, then a drummer, then a bass player. All crammed into this little room, we would seek the face of God and ask him to revive Malone University.