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Canton Marathon Runners - Malone Participants

Congratulations to ALL who participated in the Inaugural Canton Marathon!

Below is the list of participants we have of Malone students and alumni. Did you run, but you don't see your name included? Email nonynfu+znybar+rqh with your name, event, and class year (and placement, only if you wish), and we'll add your name!

Justin Baum '08 – Overall Winner of men’s marathon

Ryan Kienzle '07 – Overall winner of men’s half marathon

Sara Polatas (current athlete) – Overall winner of women’s half marathon

Jordan McKelley (current athlete) – 6th overall in half marathon; 1st in half marathon age group (20-24)

Jerry Fresenko '90 - finished 3rd in overall marathon
Doug French, Nick Fresenko (son of Jerry Fresenko '90, above), Matt McConnell, Lucas Shroades, Scott Whitaker (current athletes) – Overall winners of men’s relay

Tynae Wilson '12, 4th place in women's marathon (Tynae is engaged to Ryan Kienzle, winner of the half-marathon!)

Greg Howard '05, finished fourth in overall marathon

Other Competitors:

Jessica Anderson '05, 10K race, with a time of 1:16:31.7

Ryan Barnett '12, half marathon, 7th in age group of 20-24

Sonda Bates '92, half marathon, placed 22 out of 130 in her age group

Becky Blackford '99, half marathon

Jake Byley, student, half mrathon, 9th in age group of 20-24

Beth Costello, marathon

Thomas Costello, student, half marathon

A relay team of Ann (Ronan) Collins '03, Hillary (Taunton) Gerig '03 , Erin (Kleman) Hollenbaugh '03, Brian Hollingsworth '02, and Ryan (Karp) Hollingsworth '03 for Team RedHotSocietyandaDude

Greg Dingey, current graduate student, half marathon, finished 13th

Deana Fresenko '90, marathon

Diana Shine Furey, student, marathon, relay on Team Fast and Fureyous with Keaton Furey, Anna Furey, Austin Furey, and Nathaniel Koontz

Rhonda Gallagher '07, half marathon (painful note: Rhonda has a pin in her leg, which slipped during the race, so she walked the last two miles in complete pain - but she finished!)

Lori Ickes Gale '11, marathon

Brittany Gardner, student, half marathon

Steve Garrott '00, and Deborah (Lile) Garrott '01, half marathon

Cindy (Russell) Guzman '89, half marathon

Diedre Haupt, student, half marathon

Emily Pifer Hess '04, marathon

Kim Knisley, student, half marathon

Rose Marinucci, student, 10k, time: 1:07:02.0

Marcas Miles '99, relay on team What Were We Thinking with Garrett Brown, Steven Burger, Coleen Gehrig, and Cory Smith.

Brandee Rodocker Monroe '99, relay on team Distance Divas with Robyn Rodocker Peterson '04, Brandi Noll, Kristy Russell, Renae Snyder

Angie Nutial, student, half marathon


Stephen Nzishura '12, half marathon

Danielle Perez, student, half marathon

Vanessa Schmidt '11, marathon

Tyler Schrock '11, half, finished 35th

Nik '10 & Becky (Neitzel) Schweikert '12, marathon

Leanne Snavely '09, half

Sheri Storlie '12, half marathon

Michael Sullivan'12, half marathon

Kyle Wagner, student, marathon

Hannah Wald, student, half marathon

Tom Williams '04, half

Steve Wood '97, half

Doug Yoder '96, relay

Other Malone Community Members:

Kyle Calderhead, marathon, assistant professor of Mathematics

Julie Hooley, half-marathon, director of Nursing Study Center

Josh Perkins, marathon, associate dean of Student Development

Carla Schillero, marathon, Malone, IT department operations analyst

Scott Schneyders, marathon, adjunct faculty member

John Staley, marathon, Physical Plant

Canton Marathon