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Distinguished Faculty Awards

Each year, three faculty members are honored for their commitments to teaching, service, and scholarship/creative expression.

Distinguished Faculty Criteria

Students, faculty and administrators are invited to nominate full-time faculty members for consideration by a selection committee comprised of faculty, administrative personnel, and students. Once the committee receives nominations, finalists are chosen to submit written statements about their teaching, service, or scholarship/creative expression.

Teaching Guidelines: 

  • Be a full-time member of the faculty
  • Have completed at least two full years of service at Malone University
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and enthusiasm for his or her subject matter
  • Constant and continuing attention to professional development
  • Effective classroom presentation including a variety of instruction methods and materials
  • The creation of a classroom climate which acknowledges and welcomes a diverse student body
  • Consistent positive evaluations by students
  • A concerted effort to integrate faith and learning

Scholarship/Creative Expression Guidelines:

  • Be a full-time member of the faculty
  • Have completed at least two full years of service at Malone University
  • Be consistently and actively engaged in scholarly activity
  • This award will be presented to a faculty member whose research, inquiry, or creative activity (e.g., major recital, performance of original composition, art exhibit, etc.) has made a significant contribution in his/her academic discipline

Service Guidelines:

  • Be a full-time member of the faculty
  • Have completed at least two full years of service at Malone University
  • This award will be presented to a faculty member who exemplifies a "servant's heart" through outstanding service at Malone University which extends beyond the classroom (e.g., advising student groups, committee work, etc.).
  • Outstanding service to the community at large.
  • Outstanding service to a local church

Distinguished Faculty Honorees 


Faculty Member



2016 Elizabeth Postlewaite Business & Leadership Service
2016 Diane Chambers Language & Literature Teaching
2016 Allen Plug History, Philosophy & Social Science Scholarship/Creative Expression
2016 Cheryl Russell Adjunct - English Adjunct Teaching
2015 Julia Frankland Business Service
2015 TC Ham Theology Teaching
2015 Jesse Ayers Fine Arts Scholarship/Creative Expression
2015 Frank Alexander Adjunct - Business Adjunct Teaching
2014 Kyle Calderhead Mathematics Teaching
2014 David Entwistle Psychology Service
2014 Eb de Oliveira Psychology Scholarship/Creative Expression


Nicholette Rogers

Natural Science



Marcia Everett

Communication Arts



Duane Watson




2012 Matthew Phelps Psychology Teaching
2012 Diane Chambers Language & Literature Service
2012 Jay Case History, Philosophy & Social Sciences Scholarship/Creative Expression
2011 Greg Miller History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Teaching
2011 Malcolm Gold History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences  Service
2011 Maria Lam Business   Scholarship/Creative Expression
2010 Dennis Kincaid  Business Teaching
2010 Beth Clark-Thomas Education Service
2010 Scott Waalkes  History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Scholarship/Creative Expression
2009 David Entwistle Psychology Teaching
2009 Jacci Stuckey-Welling History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Service
2009 Sean Benson Language & Literature Scholarship/Creative Expression
2008 Andrew Rudd  Communication Arts Teaching
2008 Ann Lawson  Communication Arts Service
2008 Shawn Floyd  History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Scholarship/Creative Expression
2007 Nathan Phinney Theology  Teaching
2007 Patricia Long Education Service
2007 Aaron Preston  History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Scholarship
2007 Clare Murray Adams Art Creative Expression
2006 Marcia Everett  Communication Arts Teaching
2006  Steve Jensen  Language & Literature Service
2006  Stephen Moroney  Theology Scholarship/Creative Expression
2005  Diane Chambers Language & Literature Teaching
2005 Bill Quigley Theology Service
2005  Christopher Carmichael  Natural Sciences Scholarship/Creative Expression
2004  Jay Case History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences Teaching
2004  Julia Sampson  Business Service
2004  Duane Watson Theology  Scholarship/Creative Expression
2003  Greg Miller History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences  Teaching
2003  Charlie Grimes Natural Sciences Service
2003  Peggy Halter  Nursing Scholarship/Creative Expression
2002  Pam Hoalt Health Sciences Teaching
2002  Jack Harris  Business Service
2002  Lauren Seifert  Psychology Scholarship/Creative Expression
2001  Jeff Goff  Natural Sciences Teaching
2001  Jane Hoyt-Oliver Social Work Service
2001 Jesse Ayers  Music Scholarship/Creative Expression
2000  Beth Clark-Thomas Education  Teaching
2000  John Geib Theology  Service
2000  Duane Watson Theology  Scholarship/Creative Expression
1999  Stephen Moroney Theology  Teaching
1999  Martha Horst  Nursing Service
1999 Barb Drennan Art Scholarship/Creative Expression