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Years of Service Awards

Malone University is pleased to honor employees who have reached milestone years in service to Malone University.

Years of Service pdf

5 years of Service

Alice M. Flanigan of Louisville, Building Attendant, Physical Plant

Laura S. Foote of Uniontown, Instructor of Management Studies, School of Business & Leadership

William D. King of Louisville, Service Person, Physical Plant

Gerald L. Knight of Canton, Building Attendant, Physical Plant

Cynthia M. Maddamma of North Canton, Building Attendant, Physical Plant

Julie C. McAbee of North Canton, Administrative Assistant, University Relations

Mona J. McAuliffe of Massillon, Enrollment Information coordinator/Recruiter, Graduate & Professional Studies

Judy K. Neitzel of Malvern, Assistant Director of Mailroom Services, Mail Center

Elizabeth T. Patterson of North Canton, Associate Professor of Social Work, Department of Social Work

Lisa A. Sanchez of Louisville, Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Rhoda C. Sommers, Ph.D. of North Canton, Dean, Professor of Education, School of Education and Human Development

Jon R. Staley of Magnolia, Maintenance, Physical Plant

Alison M. Walls of Canton, Residence Hall Director, Student Development

Cynthia G. Wilson of Uniontown, Executive Director of Management Studies Program, Instructor of Management Studies, School of Business & Leadership

10 Years of Service

Amber L. Balash of East Sparta, Content Manager of Publications and Web, University Relations

Dorothy J. Jenkins of Hartville, Administrative Assistant, Athletics

Celia L. King of Canton, Director of Service Learning, Spiritual Formation

Ann O. Lawson of Tallmadge, Instructor of Communication Arts, Director of Forensics, Department of Communication Arts

Mary E. Quinn, D.B.A. of Munroe Falls, Director of the Graduate Program in Organizational Leadership, Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership, School of Business & Leadership

Carla A. Schillero of North Canton, Department Operations Analyst, Information Technologies

Beth A. Wright of Canton, Admissions Counselor, Undergraduate Admissions

15 Years of Service

Maureen J. Adams of Massillon, Director of Employee Benefits and Payroll, Human Resources

Rebecca S. Albertson of Massillon, Administrative Assistant, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences

Jesse Ayers, D.M.A. of Canton, Professor of Music, Department of Music

Jeffrey M. Goff, Ph.D. of Canton, Chair, Professor of Chemistry, Department of Natural Sciences

Charles R. Grimes of Canton, Director of Athletics and Intramural Sports, Athletics

L. Randall Heckert, M.Div. of Canton, University Chaplain, Office of Spiritual Formation

Thomas A. Kratzer, Ph.D. of Canton, Chair, Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration

Carol A. Parks of North Canton, Teacher, Weaver Child Development Center

Teresa L. Pittinger of Massillon, Executive Secretary to the Provost, Office of the Provost

Barbara E. Walker of Canton, Management Studies Coordinator, School of Business and Leadership

20 Years of Service

Barbara M. Drennan, Ph.D. of Canton, Professor of Visual Arts, Department of Visual Arts

Jo Ellen Glover, LSW, LPCC-S of North Canton, Assistant Director of the Counseling Center, Student Development

Tammie L. McKenzie, M.F.A. of Canton, Chair, Professor of communication arts; Faculty Adviser to Alpha Psi Omega; Director of Theatre, Department of Communication Arts

Christine A. Miller of North Canton, Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant

Barbara J. Moginot of Canton, Periodicals/Gifts and Exchange Librarian, Everett Cattell Library

John D. Rivers of Canton, Assistant Director, Information Technologies

Kris G. Vincent, Maintenance Supervisor, Physical Plant

25 Years of Service

Mark W. Bankert of Canton, Associate Athletic Director, Sports Information Director, Athletics

Karen R. Warner of Canton, Assistant to the Provost, Office of the Provost

35 Years of Service

Kathy L. Secrest of Canton, Bookstore First Assistant, Campus Bookstore

40 Years of Service

Janice L. Anderson of Canton, Reference Librarian, Assistant Professor of Library Science, Everett Cattell Library

45 Years of Service

Jack B. Hazen of North Canton, Head Cross Country Coach of Men & Women, Athletics