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Campus Carnival for Kids: Saving Fairytale Land
campus carnival for kids

The Malone University student outreach group, SCOPE (Students Committed to Outreach for Persons with Exceptionalities) along with Pioneer Athletics will present the seventh annual Campus Carnival for Exceptional Kids, Thursday, March 23, 2017, from 6-8 p.m. in Osborne Hall gymnasium on the campus located at 2600 Cleveland Avenue N.W. in Canton, Ohio. Join us for this annual, fun-filled event, designed for children with exceptionalities along with their siblings, friends, and families. Space is limited, so we ask that you register online to reserve a spot!

CarnivalAll is not well in the Kingdom of Fairytale Land and the king and queen desperately need your child’s help to put things right. Jack’s stuck up in his beanstalk, Goldilocks never made it out of the bears’ house, confused Cinderella can’t locate the glass slipper, and the princess has searched and searched but can’t determine with frog is her true prince.  Worst of all, Little Red Riding Hood has lost her way and can’t even get to Granny’s house!  So many good stories in trouble and we need little princes and princesses to rush to Fairytale Land to set things right!

In addition to these fractured fairy tales, there’s so much more to do, create, and explore! Visit the Malone football team station for authentic knight training, take in the king and queen’s royal show in the main courtyard, create your own crown at the village craft station, barter with the merchants at the toy marketplace, or take a restful break at the Kappa Delta Phi Castle Reading Room and listen to a nice story.

Prizes, crafts, cotton candy, balloons, fair contests, story events, skits, toys, magicians, and so much more! All for the price of $5 per child.

Malone students organizing each event are prepared to differentiate instruction to individualize the challenges to suit each child’s needs and abilities whether to those with gifted abilities, disabilities, or kids with typical development.

Though the event is targeted towards children grades K-6 with exceptionalities(gifted; disabilities), please feel free to bring along their K-6 siblings to play along.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if your family is unable to afford the $5/child price, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jeff Beine, Malone University Education Department, for assistance.

Children with all exceptionalities are encouraged to attend.

We encourage parents and caregivers to accompany their children throughout the carnival as guests. Every activity and carnival game station has been specifically designed to differentiate instruction based on the needs of each child, thus the event promises an evening of fun for children with exceptionalities as well as their elementary school-aged siblings and friends. Children with severe challenges also are encouraged to attend.

Carnival in front of Osborne Hall

Please enter through the gated 25th Street entrance and park in the lot in front of Osborne Hall. Malone students will be stationed in the parking lot for those needing assistance.
The Carnival is wheelchair accessible.

About SCOPE (formerly MCEC)

SCOPE (Students Committed to Outreach for Persons with Exceptionalities) is a student organization of Malone University education, nursing, Health Ed, Youth Ministries, and Psychology majors committed to connecting with, and serving, families blessed with kids with exceptionalities here in the greater Stark County area.