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Chancel Players

The Malone University Chancel Players perform faith-based comedy and drama for schools, churches, civic groups, and community organizations, as well as youth events and conferences.

Now scheduling for 2014-2015!

  • Jarrad Awwiller

  • Chancel Players 2014-15

  • Marie Davison

  • Chancel Players 2014-15

  • Austin Fraley

  • Chancel Players 2014-15

  • Marisa Lolli

  • Chancel Players 2014-15

  • Kristina Sweeny

  • Chancel Players 2014-15

  • Rebecca Yourko


Members of the 2014-15 team include:

  • Jarrad Awwiller, a junior computer science major from Shelby, Ohio
  • Marie Davison, a senior visual arts education major from Cortland, Ohio
  • Austin Fraley, a junior philosophy major from Canton, Ohio
  • Marisa Lolli, a junior middle childhood education major from Canton, Ohio
  • Kristina Sweeny, a junior intervention specialist – education major from Warren, Ohio
  • Rebecca Yourko, a junior communication arts major from Tippecanoe, Ohio

The actors are ready to bring comedy and drama, laughter and tears for any audience to enjoy! The Chancel Players travel during the academic year (September-April) and are now available for bookings. Please contact Chris Abrams, Vice President for Student Affairs, at cabrams@malone.edu to secure a performance date.