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Chancel Players

The Malone University Chancel Players perform faith-based comedy and drama for schools, churches, civic groups, and community organizations, as well as youth events and conferences.

Now scheduling for 2015-2016! Simply email wzpnorr+znybar+rqh  or call 330-471-8240.

Chancel Players 2015


The actors are ready to bring comedy and drama, laughter and tears for any audience to enjoy! The Chancel Players travel during the academic year (September-April) and are now available for bookings. 

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Meet the Chancel Players

Louis Powers, Team Leader ­

Louis Powers is a senior from Orrville, Ohio. He is a double major (Bible/theology and philosophy) with a history Minor. He has been in five Malone Theatre productions and is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. Louis is also in the Honors Program, he is the senior class president, and a peer tutor. Over the several years, Louis has spent his summers riding a bicycle more than 8,500 miles across America doing street ministry.

Chirstin Rine, Treasurer ­

Chirstin Rine is a Sophomore from New Philadelphia, Ohio. She is a double major (history and political science). She has been in two Malone Theatre productions and is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. Rine is also in the Honors Program and is the sophomore class vice president. Rine is obsessed with cats and Donald Trump themed cat t-shirts.

Ellie Zumbach, Leader of Social Media Promotions ­

Ellie Zumbach is a sophomore from Sugar Creek, Ohio. She is a talented creative writing major who has been involved in theater since her early high school days. Since coming to Malone she has been in two Malone Theatre productions and one Opera Theater production. Zumbach is a member of Alpha Psi Omega. She hopes to write novels one day.

Devin Stewart, Lead Sound Technician ­

Devin Stewart is a junior from Granville, Ohio. He is a computer science major who previously attended Central Ohio Technical College. Stewart is part of the Malone University Marching Band, and has been involved with theater since he was ten, active in shows such as Uncle Phil's Diner and Beauty and the Beast. Stewart is well known for never wearing shoes around Malone's campus. Ever.

Ginette Jaramillo, Team Driver and Prop Master ­

Ginette Jaramillo is a sophomore from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has come to Malone to major in early childhood education. She acted, stage managed, and directed for six years at Bible Alive Theater, a Christian community theatre in Santa Fe, and played a con­ artist in Malone Theatre's presentation of A Ringing of Doorbells. Jaramillo is a member of Alpha Psi Omega and was co­-stage managerMalone Theater's production of Arsenic and Old Lace.

Avery Polinori ­ Admission Relations Leader ­

Avery Pollinori is a sophomore from Damascus, Ohio. He is a talented Creative Writing major and a member of Alpha Psi Omega. He has been in three Malone Theatre productions. He helps out with youth ministry, children's ministry and missions work at the Damascus Friends Church. Goonies is one of Pollinori's favorite movies.