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Why Malone?

Welcome to Communication Arts at Malone University. See what we are about, what makes us distinctive, and what graduating seniors have to say about their experience in our department.

We integrate our training in communication.

Instead of offering majors in Communication Studies, Film, Media, Public Relations or Theatre, we choose to sustain a curriculum where every student graduates with a Communication Arts Major and a concentration in one of those six areas. In a world of technological revolutions, in a world of buyouts and mergers, in a world where work patterns and habits shift regularly and radically, we believe that students need to have a flexible, elastic training more than a narrow professional focus. Most people shift jobs, locations and careers multiple times in their work life now; having a base of skills that build on your natural gifts is the kind of education that readies you for LIFE, not just a job.

“You can do a lot with a degree that gives you experiences in multiple areas and not just settling in on one specific area.”

“I think one of the best things about the Communication Arts department is how there are multiple concentrations to focus on. “

We engage popular culture. We believe that a Christian college is the best place to wrestle with what it means to be “in the world, but not of the world.”

We choose to watch, listen and read so that we can dissect, understand, and participate in popular culture in ways that are meaningful and rooted in our mission. The plays we do, the stories we write, the films or videos we shoot, and the ways we participate in groups all reflect our developing understanding of how we can offer the world truth, reconciliation, transformation and reflection. Students are frequently asked to reflect on the meaning of the things they engage and the things they produce.

“I realized how beneficial it was for me to make connections of material from my classes with things that were happening in real life. My classes have served to help me articulate and make sense of the world around me.”

“I am realizing that I am unable to separate what I have learned as a Comm. major with the rest of my life.”

We emphasize learning in community.

Our faculty are committed to knowing students, being available to students, and learning from students. From in-class projects to co-curricular involvement, we stress the importance and value of collaborating with others in all context of communication. We recognize that this commitment to one another prepares us to serve the broader communities we return to when we leave Malone. Our small class sizes and interaction between students and faculty are one of the things our students consistently point to as something they love about our department.

“I couldn’t articulate if I tried how incredible the faculty in this department have been. Without them, I would not be who I am today and I wouldn’t have grown in the ways which I did.”

“The small class sizes allowed for one-on-one interaction with the professors and classmates. This created a close-knit environment that encouraged, pushed and challenged me to be a better student and participant.”

We integrate our faith into the process of teaching and learning.

The faculty in our department work hard to develop classes and curriculum that invite students to think hard about their own faith. But we also use teaching methods and classroom practices that push students to develop in their spiritual journey.

“The communication arts department has opened me up to a new way of understanding Christian faith.”

“I appreciate the commitment that the professors of this department have to learning and integrating faith and our actions in the community with what we learn in class. I have also been able to integrate my faith into what I have learned in my major.”

“Now I can see how [the department mission] is a depiction of who I would like to be...”