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What's Happening on Campus?

Do you want to know what's happening on campus? Here's how to find out:

  • Check your Malone student email account daily

  • Read the weekly Table Tents online, in the dining hall, and cafes

  • Visit www.malone.edu

  • Look for the television monitors & bulletin boards on different spots on campus.

  • Visit the Commuter Student/SAC Office on the third level of the Barn

  • Read the monthly commuter newsletter emailed to you.

  • Join the Malone University SAC Facebook group!

  • If you agree to check it weekly, you can request an on-campus mailbox in the mailroom in the Brehme Conference Center!

  • Spend time in the newly-renovated Commuter Lounge (located in Founders Hall 60, right next to the Center for Student Success).