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Senior Political Science major experiences state, national, and local internships

Andrew Campbell

Political Science major Andrew Campbell ’17 is pleased to wrap up his college career having completed internships at the state, national, and local levels of government. This semester, he will intern in the Canton City’s Fair Housing division. 

Malone students are encouraged to complete internships regardless of major, and many motivated students choose to take several to increase their breadth of experiences. Campbell also completed a three-month summer internship with the Ohio House of Representatives and last Spring was the governmental and external relations intern for the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities in Washington D.C. as part of the CCCU’s Best Semester American Studies Program. 
“The ability to learn in the Malone classroom about social issues in a historical context, the various ideas in political thought, communication techniques, and learning how to analyze difficult course content all lend themselves as assets I can take into this new position,” said Campbell. 

In the internship with the Fair Housing department, Campbell will assist with administrative and educational outreach projects and to learn more about executing laws and ordinances within the local government.  

“One of my biggest challenges will be to learn, understand, and see law in action rather than simply reading about it,” Campbell said.  He added that he is excited to get an experiential, close-up understanding of how local government operates. 

“Andrew’s internship is a wonderful demonstration of the results and student outcomes of Malone University’s mission to educate students of Christian faith who are committed to serving the church, community, and world,” said David Beer, assistant professor of Political Science.

Campbell also is applying for an Ohio Legislative Council Fellowship in April that would begin in December.

"We hope he will be selected for that as well," said Professor of History Jacci Stuckey. "He is an exceptional student, and exemplifies the type of missional and vocational work we do at Malone."