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Chrissy Salem

Christa Salem '13 inspired audiences with what her Malone education means to her. We hope you'll be inspired, too!

Transcript of Chrissy's speech

Q & A with Christa "Chrissy" Salem '13


Q. You say you had five majors in college. What were they? 

A. My five majors were: Business Administration, Political Science, Business Administration (again), Integrated Social Studies, and History.

Q. How did you finally decide on the History major? 

A. I was in the general education class with Dr. Miller and I discovered my interest and curiosity in studying other cultures and how we got to where we are in the present.

Q. Are there specific people who had a significant impact on you? (Professors? Peers?) 

A. The entire history faculty (Dr. Gregory Miller, Dr. Jacci Welling, and Dr. Jay Case) as well as Dr. Scott Waalkes, and Dr. Sean Floyd -  all of them have helped me walk through my four years since I started working in that department my freshman year. They've seen me grow and genuinely want what's best for me. They've been along on every step. Also, my five best friends from my freshman year: Jasmine Evans, Sarah Grove, Megan McAbee, Julia Wahl, and Becca Bankert. They have all been there through my entire college career and have seen me struggle and grow.

Q. Can you talk about your semester abroad? What were some meaningful experiences through that?

A. The Middle East Studies Program was incredible! I was able to apply my passion for other cultures and dive into learning about the conflict there. I was able to stay with a Palestinian family for a week and celebrate Shabbat dinner with an Israeli family. I was there for three months, with 18 other incredible students from all over the United States.

Q. What are some fun and memorable moments from your college career?

A. Playing pranks on my faculty. Some of us filled Dr. Case's office with balloons, switched Dr. Waalkes' office furniture with the lounge furniture, and decorated outside Dr. Miller's house for his birthday.

Q. What were your career aspirations when you were a kid?

A. I was as indecisive as a kid as I am now! I wanted to be a horse trainer, ballerina, actress, business woman, and veterinarian (which quickly was ruled out once I realized that I can't handle blood).

Q. How did your position as a course assistant contribute to your college experience?

A. Being a CA was awesome. It was a way for me to serve and "give back" to the Malone community. I loved working with Bert Smith to teach Section 21! I adored my students and wanted to help them understand fundamentals that most of us didn't really learn until our upperclassmen years. It was extremely fulfilling and I was thankful to be a part of it.

Q. What's next for you?

A. Job hunting! I'd like to stay in the Northeast Ohio area, working for a nonprofit. I'm thinking about pursuing a Master's in Public Relations, but I'm not completely sure about that. Ideally, I'd like to work in PR for a nonprofit that deals with cultural relations.