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Andrew  Rudd

photo of Andrew Rudd

Contact Information:
Andrew  Rudd
nehqq+znybar+rqh 330.471.8523
Founders Hall 113

Professor of Communication Arts


B.A., Cedarville College
M.A., Andrews University
Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Teaching Assignments

The College Experience
Communication Skills
Mass Media and Society
World Cinema
History and Theory of Film
Film and the American Dream

Andrew Rudd completed his Ph.D. in Communication at Bowling Green State University. His academic training focused upon the intersection of culture, media and rhetoric. His current research and scholarly writing focuses upon the rhetoric of popular film. He is interested in community-based storytelling and has a passion for local film.
Andrew  teaches Mass Media & Society, Communication Skills, Playwriting, Persuasion, History and Theory of Film, World Cinema and Film & the American Dream. His interest in critical theory and cultural approaches inform most of his courses. You can bet though, that you won't get through one of his classes without learning about Martin Buber, either.
Andrew's interest in storytelling, performance and popular culture have prompted him to write multiple feature length screenplays, shoot a short narrative film and organize Malone University's Open Frame Student Film Contest - a student film festival.