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Christina M. Schnyders

photo of Christina Schnyders

Contact Information:
Christina M. Schnyders
pfpualqref+znybar+rqh 330.471.8531
Osborne Hall

Assistant Professor of Counseling and Human Development


  • B.A., Simpson University
  • M.A., Ashland University
  • Ph.D., Kent State University


Assistant Professor, Milligan College, Milligan College, TN

Visiting Instructor, Malone University, Canton, Ohio

Resident Director, Malone University, Canton, Ohio

Alcohol and Addiction Program of Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties, Carrollton, Ohio and New Philadelphia, Ohio

Transformation Network, Ashland, Ohio

Teaching Assignments

COUN 563: Theories and Techniques of Counseling I

COUN 564: Theories and Techniques of Counseling II

COUN 622: Psychodiagnostics

COUN 520: Theory and Practice of Counseling

COUN 530: Child and Adult Psychopathology

COUN 560: Assessment and Evaluation Techniques

COUN 610: Group Dynamics and Group Counseling (hybrid)

PSYC 422:  Learning and Memory

PSYC 150:  General Psychology

Recent Scholarly Work

Schnyders, C. (2013).  Family genogram.  In E. Honderich’s (Ed.), Addiction Counseling:  Approaching Psycho-Education with Creativity (p. 92).  Virginia: Virginia Association of Counselor Education and Supervision [VACES].

Bruns, K., & Schnyders, C. (2012).  Suicide prevention resources for college counselors. Counseling Today, 54(8), 20-21.

Bruns, K., Moate, R., Schnyders, C., Gnilka, P. (2012).  A “How to Guide” for Counselor Educators, on Conducting Research in a College Counseling Center.  Presented at the annual meeting of the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Kansas City, Missouri.

Bruns, K., Schnyders, C. & Moate, R. (September 2012).  Tools for practicum instructors: Working with suicidal clients on the college campus.  Presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Savannah, Georgia.

Mounts, V.L., Ringenberg, D. G., Rhees, K., & Partridge, C. (2005).  Implementation of a Patient Medication Assistance Program in a Community Pharmacy Setting.  Journal of  the American Pharmacists Association, 45, 76-81.