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Ebenezer (Eb) A. de Oliveira

Contact Information:
Founders Hall 67-C

Professor of Psychology


Jan. 1998 Ph.D. Applied Human Development, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1996 M.A. School Psychology, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1993 M.A. Religion/Counseling, Westminster Theological Seminary, PA, USA
1992 Part-time studies in psychology, Temple University, PA, USA
1987 BS Bible/Counseling, Philadelphia Biblical University, PA, USA
1982 BTh Theology, Seminário Presbiteriano do Norte, Recife, PE, Brazil


Since Fall 2010: Professor of Psychology, Malone University, Ohio, USA
Jan 2001-August 2010 Associate Professor of Psychology, Malone University, Ohio, USA
1998-2000 Associate Professor of Psychology, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria,
Santa Maria, RS, Brazil
1998 Visiting Professor, Centro de Pós-Graduação Andrew Jumper,
Universidade Mackenzie, SP, Brazil
1997 Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1995-1997 Part-time instructor, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1995-1996 Research Assistant, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1993-1995, 1997 Teaching Assistant, University of Delaware, DE, USA
1983-85, 1987-90 Assistant Pastor, Igreja Presbiteriana de Fortaleza, CE, Brazil

Recent Scholarly Work

de Oliveira, E. A., Ables, J. N., & Dingler, M. L. (in press). Empatia parental [parental empathy]. In C. A. Piccinini & P. Alvarenga (Eds.), Maternidade e paternidade: Parentalidade em diferentes contextos [Maternity and paternity: Parenting in different contexts].

Alvarenga, P., de Oliveira, E. A., & Dazzani, M. V. (2011). Can attribution of a neutral emotional state in child discipline play an adaptive role in child internalizing behavior? Early Child Development and Care, 181, 967-976. doi: 10.1080/03004430.2010.507866

de Oliveira, E. A. (2011).  Conversando com crianças sobre violência: Dicas para pais e professores. Adaptation and translation from English into Portuguese of Talking to children about violence: Tips for parents and teachers, NASP Crisis Resources Series, National Association of School Psychologists. Bethesda, MD. http://www.nasponline.org/resources/handouts/TalkingtoChildrenViolence_Portuguese.pdf

de Oliveira, E. A., Braun, J. L., Carlson, T. L., & de Oliveira, S. G. (2009). Students’ attitudes toward foreign-born and domestic instructors. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 2, 113-125.

de Oliveira, E. A., & Braun, J. L. (2009). “Jesus didn’t need a shrink”: A critique of anti-psychological biblical sufficiency. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 28, 13-21.

de Oliveira, E. A. (2008, November). “My prof’s an alien!” Students’ attitudes toward foreign and domestic instructors. Invited speech, Harrington Colloquium Series, Psychology Department at Baldwin-Wallace College, OH, USA.

de Oliveira, E. A., Marin, A. H., Long, J., Solinger, S. (2007). Observando a díade pai/mãe-criança em situação co-construtiva [Observing the father/mother-child dyad in a co-constructive situation]. In C. A. Piccinini and M. L. S. de Moura (Eds.), Observando as interações pais-bebê/criança [Observing the parents-baby/child interaction] (pp. 213-236). São Paulo, SP, Brazil: Casa do Psicólogo.

de Oliveira, E. A., Barros, F. C., Anselmi, L. D. S., & Piccinini, C. A. (2006). The quality of home environment in Brazil: an ecological model. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 15, 631-642.

Frizzo, G. B., Kahl, M. L. F., & Oliveira, E. A. de (2005). Aspectos psicológicos sobre a gravidez na adolescência [psychological aspects of adolescent pregnancy]. PSICO, 36, 13-20.

de Oliveira, E. A. (2005). Hierarchy of media, but not of sources, truths, or academic disciplines: A rejoinder to Lawson and Wilcox. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 24, 247-253.

Teaching Assignments

PSYC121 – Introduction to Psychology
PSYC220 – Psychology of Human Development
GEN225/PSYC225 – Cultural Psychology (study abroad only)
PSYC420 – Research Practicum
PSYC442 – Child Psychology
PSYC443 – Adolescent Psychology
PSYC480 – Senior Seminar (co-teaching)

A Calvinist, I was predestined to marry Telma and have three made-in-USA kids. I love interacting with folks of all faiths and walks of life. Paul's letter to the Romans is my favorite book of the Bible. I enjoy outdoor activities including soccer, volleyball, biking, and jogging. I dislike cold winter, coffee, and sea food (ask my PSYC121 students why!).