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Gregory Miller

Gregory Miller

Contact Information:
Brehme Centennial Center 106

Professor of History


Ph.D., History of Christianity, Boston University, 1994
M.A., History, University of Tulsa, 1987
B.A., Historical Theology, Oral Roberts University, 1985


2000-present: Malone University, Associate, now Professor of History; Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
1991-2000: Valley Forge Christian College, Assistant, Associate Professor of History
1988-90: Boston University, Teaching Assistant

Recent Scholarly Work

Articles and Chapters in Books:
“Wars of Religion and Religion in War: Luther and the 16th Century Islamic Advance into Europe” in Seminary Ridge Review 9:2 (Spring 2007), pp. 38-59.

Current Research:
The completion of a book-length study, Toward Armageddon: Islam in the Christian Apocalyptic Imagination.

The completion of a book length translation with introduction and commentary of Bartholomew Georgijevic’s 1544 De turcarum ritu et caeremoniis (On the Rituals and Ceremonies of the Turks).

Compilation of textbook reader Christian Views of Marriage in Historical Perspective.

“Reformers” in Encyclopedia of Christianity, Vol. 4 (Eerdmans/Brill, 2006).

“The Past in the Present Tense: Medieval and Early Modern Christian-Islamic Relations in Contemporary Scholarship” article in Religious Studies Review 31:3&4 (Dec 2005).

“Toward Armageddon? The Huntington Thesis Symposium” article in Fides et Historia 36:2 (Summer/Fall 2004), pp. 110-115.

“Luther on the Turks and Islam” in Harvesting Martin Luther’s Reflections on Theology, Ethics, and the Church (Lutheran Quarterly Books, 2003).

“Luthers Türkenschriften / Luther’s Writings on the Turks” (contributor) in LutherJahrbuch (2003).

“Luther on the Turks and Islam” in Luther Digest 11 (2003).

“From Crusades to Homeland Defense: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformers on Islam” in Christian History (21:2, Spring 2002), pp. 31-34.

“Fighting Like a Christian: The Ottoman Advance and the Development of Luther’s Doctrine of Just War” in Charitas et Reformation: Essays in Honor of Carter Lindberg (Concordia Press, 2002).

“Ulrich Zwingli: Reformation Theology and Christian Humanism” in The Reformation Theologians, Carter Lindberg, ed. (Blackwell Press, 2001).

"Voices from the Past: Historical Attempts to Shape a Christian World View" in Elements of a Christian World View, Michael Palmer, ed. (Logion Press, 1998).

Teaching Assignments

World History in the General Education Program
A four course sequence in European History from Classical Greece and Rome through Modern Europe
Islamic History and the history of Christian-Islamic interactions
The History of World Religions
Philosophy and Writing of History
In Malone’s Master of Theological Studies program: World Religions