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Gregory  Miller

photo of Gregory Miller

Contact Information:
Gregory  Miller
tzvyyre+znybar+rqh 330.471.8216
Brehme Centennial Center 106

Director of General Education; Professor of History


Ph.D., History of Christianity, Boston University, 1994
M.A., History, University of Tulsa, 1987
B.A., Historical Theology, Oral Roberts University, 1985


2000-present: Malone University, Associate, now Professor of History; Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences
1991-2000: Valley Forge Christian College, Assistant, Associate Professor of History
1988-90: Boston University, Teaching Assistant

Recent Scholarly Work


Views of Islam in Early Modern Britain: Insight from the First Translation Qur’an in English in The Islamic Quarterly, forthcoming

“Lutheranism and Islam” in The Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Tradition, Robert Kolb, ed., Concordia Press, forthcoming 2015

“Speaking in Tongues Before Pentecostalism: Understandings of the Gift of Tongues in Early Modern Protestantism and Catholicism” in Festschrift in Honor of Gary McGee, Stan Burgess ed., Pickwick Press, forthcoming 2015.

“Martin Luther on Jews and Turks” chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology (Oxford University Press, 2014).

“Theodor Bibliander’s Machumetis saracenorum principis eiusque successorum vitae, doctrina ac ipse alcoran (1543) as the Sixteenth Century ‘Encyclopedia’ of Islam” in Islam and Christian-Islamic Relations (Apr 2013). 

"Preface to Johann Brenz, Twenty-Two Sermons Delivered to the People During the Turkish Invasion of Germany” commentary and editing in Luther’s Works (American Edition) Vol. 60 (St. Louis: Concordia Press, 2011).

“Preface to the Thirty-Eighth and Thirty-Ninth Chapters of Ezekiel on Gog” commentary and editing in Luther’s Works (American Edition) Vol. 61 (St. Louis: Concordia Press, 2012).   

“Bibliander, Theodor,” “Dositheus, Patriarch of Jerusalem,” Hermann of Wied,” Islam, Reformation Understanding of,” “Jeremiah II,” Megander, Casper,” Mohacs, Battle of,” Old Believers (Raskolniki),” Ottoman Empire,” Peillikan, Konrad,” “Propheseyings,” “Sacramentarianism,” “Ussher, James,” Zanchi, Girolamo” in The New Westminster Dictionary of Church History (Westminster John Knox Press, 2008).

“Wars of Religion and Religion in War: Luther and the 16th Century Islamic Advance into Europe” in Seminary Ridge Review 9:2 (Spring 2007), pp. 38-59.

“Reformers” in Encyclopedia of Christianity, Vol. 4 (Eerdmans/Brill, 2006).

“The Past in the Present Tense: Medieval and Early Modern Christian-Islamic Relations in Contemporary Scholarship” article in Religious Studies Review 31:3&4 (Dec 2005).

“Toward Armageddon? The Huntington Thesis Symposium” article in Fides et Historia 36:2 (Summer/Fall 2004), pp. 110-115.

“Luther on the Turks and Islam” in Harvesting Martin Luther’s Reflections on Theology, Ethics, and the Church (Lutheran Quarterly Books, 2003).

“Luthers Türkenschriften / Luther’s Writings on the Turks” (contributor) in LutherJahrbuch (2003).

“Luther on the Turks and Islam” in Luther Digest 11 (2003).

“From Crusades to Homeland Defense: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformers on Islam” in Christian History (21:2, Spring 2002), pp. 31-34.

“Fighting Like a Christian:  The Ottoman Advance and the Development of Luther’s Doctrine of Just War” in Charitas et Reformatio: Essays in Honor of Carter Lindberg (Concordia Press, 2002).   

“Ulrich Zwingli: Reformation Theology and Christian Humanism” in The Reformation Theologians, Carter Lindberg, ed. (Blackwell Press, 2001).

“Luther on the Turks and Islam” in Lutheran Quarterly (Spring 2000).

“Luther and the Early Lutheran Tradition on Islam” in Luther Bulletin (Netherlands) 8 (1999).

"Voices from the Past:  Historical Attempts to Shape a Christian World View"  in Elements of a Christian World View, Michael Palmer, ed. (Logion Press, 1998).

"Vermischte Nachrichten," translated selection from Acta Historico-Ecclesiastica Nostri Temporis (1778) in Lutheran Quarterly 10:4 (Winter 1996): 479-480.


Submissions reviewer for Church History, The Sixteenth Century Journal, Herald Press, Notre Dame University Press.



I have accepted an invitation to contribute a chapter on Luther and Islam for the upcoming Cambridge University Press volume on Luther in Context.

Publishing Holy War and Holy Terror: Views of Islam in the German Reformation

The completion of a book-length study on Martin Luther’s Physical Spirituality.

The compilation of textbook reader on the Historical Theology of Christian Marriage.

The completion of a book-length study, Toward Armageddon: Islam in the Christian Apocalyptic Imagination.


Teaching Assignments


2015                Malone University Summer Research Grant

2011                Malone University Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching

2009                Malone University Summer Research Grant

2008                Calvin Seminars in Christian Scholarship Participant

2006                Malone College Summer Research Grant

2003                Ohio Magazine Excellence in Education Award

2003                Malone College Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching

2003                Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education Award for Teaching Excellence

2002                Malone College Summer Research Grant

1990-91           International Research and Exchange, Princeton, NJ (IREX)

                        Dissertation Research Grant for archival research in Leipzig, Germany

1988-90           Boston University Division of Religious Studies Graduate Assistantships

1988-90           Boston University School of Theology Research Assistantships

1988-90           Boston University School of Theology Teaching Assistantships

1987-91           Division of Religious Studies Scholarships, Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

View a Baccalaureate address by Dr. Miller here