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Gregory Summers

Contact Information:
(330) 471-8529
Haviland Hall LL 20

Instructor of English; Director of the Writing Center @ Malone


B.A. in English from The Ohio State University
M.A. in English from John Carroll University
Presently working to complete a Ph.D. in Writing History and Theory (Expected graduation date is 2012)


Lecturer / Instructor of English, Malone College/University, August 1997 - Present
Director of The Write Place / Writing Center @ Malone, August 2000 - Present
Adjunct Faculty Tutor, University of Akron's Writing Lab, August 1996 - May 2000

Teaching Assignments

I typically teach freshman composition classes (ENG 120, 145) as well as upper-level writing courses (ENG 311, 315). I also teach the introductory literature course (ENG 200) and have taught some upper-level literature courses including an author studies course on John Milton and a senior-level periods course on the Renaissance (ENG 440). Presently I am teaching Shakespeare (ENG 353).

The youngest of four boys, I was born into a close-knit and loving family. My parents were both educated professionals in the medical profession and strong spiritual people. We regularly attended the local United Methodist Church, though my father was a closet Episcopalian and my mother a closet Unitarian. I switched to the Free Methodist Church when I relocated to the Canton area in 1996, and during my time at Case Western these past two years I attended the Unitarian Church in Shaker Heights. Presently, I attend the Chapel in Green. I guess I am a bit of a denominational gypsy, but my heart is pure Protestant.

I am married to a lovely woman from Moscow, Russia, who is also working on a doctorate at a university out of state. In February 2009 she finally obtained her US citizenship after a not-so-pleasant 11-year odyssey through the Immigration and Naturalization Service's labyrinthian system of absurd policies and regulations.

I live in Green, Ohio. My oldest nephew currently resides with me while attending classes at Kent State. And I have two lovely Golden Retriever puppies. The first, named after my brother who passed away in January 2009, is Sport. The second, my wife's dog that has essentially become my dog, is named after the English Romantic poet, Lord Byron. These dogs mean the world to me, and I love them with all my heart.

Oh, and when I am not grading papers, I live on Facebook.