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Marjorie F. Carlson Hurst

photo of Marjorie Carlson Hurst

Contact Information:
Marjorie F. Carlson Hurst
zpneyfba+znybar+rqh 330.471.8550

Assistant Professor of Business and Leadership


B.A., Malone University
E.M.B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College
D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University


25 years of sales and marketing management for AT&T 

Ten years academic leadership and teaching experience

Recent Scholarly Work

Carlson, Marjorie. “Agency Theory – Minimizing Risk through Rewards” Midwest Academy of Management Presentation. 2001.

Carlson, Marjorie. Instructor’s Manual for Ethical Issues in Business, Seventh Edition,
by Thomas Donaldson  and Patricia Werhane. Prentice Hall, 2002.

Carlson, Marjorie & Berka, S. Personal Values and Business Ethics,  (Edited Text). Southern-Western College Publishing, 2003.

Carlson, Marjorie & Quinn, Mary. "Engaging Adult Students Through Technology - After They Leave the Classroom". AHEA/Alliance Conference. Ashville, N.C. 2003.

Carlson,  Marjorie. Book Review: Management Research: An Introduction, Third Edition, by Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe & Andy Lowe. Sage Publications, 2005.

Carlson, Marjorie. Book Review: Research Methods for Managers, Fourth Edition, by Gill & Johnson. Sage Publications, 2006.

Carlson, Marjorie. “Stark County Mayor’s Literacy Commission Annual Report”  2008. Photography

Carlson, Marjorie. Edit: 3 Words That Spell Investment Success: The Truths, the Myths, and the Madness , by Charles Myers, 2009.