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Transformed Students

Kristi (Garman) Foss '08, '14

kristi-fossKristi (Garman) Foss received her master’s degree hood from Malone University, a symbol of her commitment to her own education. Less than one year later, she was named Stark County Teacher of the Year, a symbol of her commitment to the education of children.

Foss, who also earned a degree in middle childhood education from Malone, teaches general math, honor’s math, and STEM at Osnaburg Local. According to her colleagues, Foss’s students know that her classroom is a “safe house” where everyone is accepted, respected, and knows that they matter.

Foss is a member of the district leadership team, Young Entrepreneurs Consortium Grant Team, East Canton Ohio Teacher Evaluation Committee, and district calendar committee. She is a math lead teacher, lead problem-based learning educator, and mentor in her district. She serves as an advisor for the middle school student council and yearbook, as well as a coach for the math competition team. In addition, Foss belongs to the East Canton Educator, Ohio, and National Education Associations.

This busy wife and mom also somehow makes time to give back to her community through volunteer service with Hammer and Nails. Prior to this most recent recognition, Foss was named the East Canton Teacher of the Year.

She is quick to share the honor with those whom she believes it is due.

“My parents … my husband … my two young children… my colleagues. Last but not least, I owe the biggest thanks to all of the teachers and professors that I have had over the years who have showed me what good teaching looks like, and have fostered a love of learning within me,” she said. “The most important of those teachers is Christ Himself, without whom none of this would be possible.”

Antonio Turner '15

antonio-turnerExercise science major Antonio Turner '15 has been offered an internship at Mississippi State University as a strength coach, where he'll be on the sidelines during football games, leading the team through various warmups. After the season, he will be evaluated, and hopefully, offered a full-time position.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Steve Wirick said that Turner is well equipped for the position.

“Antonio is a caring and compassionate young man with a servant’s heart," Wirick said. "Antonio has developed considerable expertise in program design and possesses those qualities necessary to motivate his clients and athletes with an individual approach that is fun, motivating, entertaining, and at a level appropriate for their current fitness level. I’m so proud of Antonio on his accomplishments thus far and know that the foundation established here at Malone will serve him well in the future.”

Turner said that he is grateful for the foundation Malone has set for him.

“My time at Malone has prepared me for this job because now I will be able to take my faith and apply it in a secular environment. Attending Malone gave me the opportunity to grow both in my spirituality and maturity, which has equipped me for a position like this where I’ll be apart of the minority of Jesus followers on campus," he said. "If it weren’t for my time at Malone, I would probably go down there and be ‘lost in the world’, but because of my spiritual development, I now have a firm understanding of what my true foundation is.”

Dishon Kamwesa '10

dishon-kamwesaFor Dishon Kamwesa, it is easy to make connections between his nursing profession and his faith.

Kamwesa was recently honored as Mercy Medical Center’s ‘Cameo of Caring’ recipient, an honor reserved for Mercy’s most excellent employees.

“One moment that stands out during my career above all is a time that I had a mother ask me to pray for her daughter who had been battling cancer for two years,” said Kamwesa. “She exuded so much strength and vulnerability in the face of great tragedy that it stuck with me as an inspiration and example of how to respond to life’s most challenging moments.”

Kamwesa interned at Mercy and an RN position opened on the floor he was on within a week of passing his board exam. For the past year, he has served as an oncology/infusion nurse in the Outpatient Infusion Center. Previously, he was an inpatient oncology nurse.

Malone prepared Kamwesa to care holistically for his patients.

“I am not just taking care of a patient with a disease, but I also am taking care of that person’s spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs as much as I can,” he said. “At Malone, I learned many lessons about life in the every day spaces of work, friendships, and volunteer opportunities. I was able to have safe spaces to ask questions about how to exercise my faith as a nurse. And I also had the privilege of being in discipleship relationships that shaped my faith and challenged me to live as a follower of Christ wherever I went, whether I was around other believers or not.”

Kamwesa is married to Jordan (DeWeerd) ’10, and they have a young son, Theodore. The Kamwesas lead the “Common Ground” Village at their church, LoveCanton, and are active in ministry efforts in Southeast Canton.