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Honors Program Curriculum

artwork Grow in faith and knowledge as you explore the world around you!

The Honors Program challenges students to fulfill their intellectual and personal potential through enriched and stimulating experiences; by cultivating an esprit de corps, committed to an earnest, cooperative, free, and open pursuit of truth; by developing students’ understanding of the unity of knowledge and the interrelationship of the academic disciplines; by providing students the occasion for mentoring relationships with faculty; by preparing students for the pursuit of original and advanced research, scholarship, and performance; and by equipping students for outstanding leadership in service to God, their communities, and the world.

Honors program participants complete designated honors sections of general education courses, honors seminars, and an honors project.

Aaron Bunnell


"I met people right away with similar interests who became friends..."

- Aaron Bunnell
Bible and Theology, 2013

To graduate with Honors Program designation, students complete the following five categories:

1. General Education (minimum 15 credits) Choose from among the following three categories. [Note that you need not select from each category.]

Honors sections of general education courses taken primarily during freshman & sophomore years:

2. HON 260 - Sophomore Seminar: The Academy and You (1 credit)

Coordinated by the Honors Program director, guest faculty speakers will introduce students to the concept of research or creative expression appropriate to various academic disciplines. Through readings and research, students will begin to explore possible thesis project ideas.

3. HON 313 Junior Year Seminar (2 credits; offered every fall)  An intensive, interdisciplinary study of a selected topic not normally included in other courses.

4. Senior Honors Project (4 credits total)

HON 490

HON 492

Independent study with a faculty member on a project related to the chosen discipline, usually the major. It may be started during the junior year.

NOTE: 1) Should you participate in a study abroad semester, see the Program director for the substitutions available to you. We will work with you to make the needed accommodations. 2) Should you begin at Malone with some of the general education courses already taken, see the Program director about the options available to you.

Total: 22 credits, 15 of which are general education. 3.5 GPA at graduation.