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Malone Community Offers Gifts of Service

Below are numerous examples of gifts of service to the Stark County and surrounding communities.


College of Theology, Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Patterson, Associate Professor of Social Work

The Social Work Club continually strives to serve the Canton community in many ways each year. Specifically for Inauguration, we are doing two events: (1) Giving away clothes at Imagine School (2) Hosting a blanket drive during the month of October to be collected by students and distributed to families that are in need of warm blankets.
We are collaborating with the Stark Social Workers Network, a community-based organization with outreach in downtown Canton.

Clare Murray Adams, Professor of Visual Arts
Barb Drennan, Professor of Visual Arts

As an extension of Clare Murray Adams' sabbatical exploration into memory, "The Handkerchief Memory Project," a group of painting students from Barb Drennan's oil painting class will be working with residents from the Canton Christian Home for an exhibit to be displayed in the Johnson Center for Worship and the Fine Arts on October 24 - November 29.

School of Business & Leadership

Malone Management Program Service Projects

Walt Poland, Assistant Professor of Management Studies

M251 - Clothing closet with East Canton Church of God M259 - Multiple Sclerosis Charity Funding - registering for 10K race, Working with Haven of Rest (a homeless shelter in Akron) to clean and stock shelves, Habitat for Humanity

Led by Randy Savage, Assistant Professor of Management Studies

M260 - Hammer & Nails (various construction tasks)HM001 - Metro Parks (various outdoor maintenance tasks)M261 - Church food giveaway, Hammer & Nails, Wishes Can Happen anniversary picnic at Malone

Led by Jamilee Krob, Instructor of Management Studies

M62 - Pegasus Farms (mucking out stalls)

Traditional Undergraduate Business Majors
MBA Graduate Students

Led by Maria Lai-Ling Lam, Professor of Business Administration

Both undergraduate and graduate students incorporate service into their curriculum to deepen students' sense of community and learning through doing research and recommending relevant marketing programs to non-profit organizations in the community. Students benefit from learning to listen to the voices from multiple stakeholders. Lam says that students greatly enjoy the projects, value the experiential learning component, and mention these projects in resumes. The nonprofit organizations tell Lam that they are grateful for the students' work and often invite students to present their findings to their boards of directors.

"Through these community partnership projects, students develop a proactive attitude towards the solidarity of a community and are inspired to seek the common good of the residents with a sense of personal and communal growth," Lam says. "Furthermore, students also practice the concept of servant leadership and stewardship of resources. It is good to see how students are more engaged in their learning and practicing sustainable life styles."

Beth Postlewaite, Instructor of Business, Adviser for Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

The Students in Free Enterprise are committed to empowering people in need both in the local community and the global community through Christ's Kingdom First. The Malone SIFE team completed 21 projects contributing 1,139 volunteer hours in the 2011-2012 academic year with an overall economic gain of more than $33,500! Malone SIFE is committed to helping the Canton community and you can follow our progress on Twitter @ MaloneSIFE.

School of Education & Human Development

Beth Clark-Thomas, Professor of Elementary Education

Jammin' in Your Jammies - Students from the honor society Kappa Delta Pi International work with a community worker at Canton City Schools to locate a struggling Stark County family who is doing everything on their own to pursue education, and raise funds to support that family's holiday wishes through a family-focused concert in which 100% of the proceeds are given to the family.
Students are moved by the outpouring of love and generosity of the concert attendees and are humbled by the circumstances of the struggling family in their very own community. As future teachers, this service opportunity helps students better appreciate the circumstances under which many of their future students may struggle. Participants learn that their commitment to the student must extend beyond school hours and into the lives of students' families as well.

L.A.T.E. Night (Literacy and Teacher Education) - Kappa Delta Pi sponsors several literacy stations as part of an evening of parent/teacher conferences. This helps more parents attend conferences while younger families can participate in the activities. Students work with local public schools to model constructive, interactive literacy activities for families and demonstrate some ways families can use literacy-building activities as family fun activities. Students see the connection between what they are learning about the importance of a literacy rich environment and the practical ways in which they can make a difference outside their classrooms of the future. Regardless of their licensure area, education students at Malone come to better understand the power of literacy rich environments and experiences after working with children and families outside the traditional classroom context.

Lit Kits - Sophomore education majors create kits that include a piece of literature or informational text and three to five early literacy skill-based activities thematically tied to the text and donate them to the Early Childhood Resource Center for use with local families. Students seek to provide resources to family and early childcare givers which model developmentally appropriate ways to engage young children in strengthening literacy skills. They have such fun creating the activities, and are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community in which they are privileged to hone their skills as future teachers. Several alumni have written grant proposals which received funding to replicate this project in their own teaching community.

Moses Rumano, Assistant Professor of Education

Experiential-Collaborative/After School Program - Dr. Rumano and his undergraduate and graduate students collaborate with The Lighthouse Ministries, Living in Full Expectation (L.I.F.E. Ministries International Church), YoungLife, Hartford Middle School, Early College Academy, and The Salvation Army to assist students who are considered at risk of dropping out or failing in Canton City Schools to realize their academic potential and responsibility.
Dr. Rumano founded this program in Fall 2011, and it focuses on working with local organizations and schools who are already working with students in neighborhoods that need social mentorship and academic help. Leaders help direct the students' energy toward purposeful and constructive activities and give them role models who encourage the at-risk kids to stay focused in their academic pursuits rather than ending up involved with gangs and drugs. Malone student volunteers are both shocked to learn of the poverty and desperation, and other challenges faced by the children living in the inner-city neighborhoods; and thrilled to have the opportunity to try to make a difference. Malone students are encouraged to become agents of change and transformation in their communities while still in college - and are prepared to make an even bigger difference throughout their careers.

Susan Steiner, Associate Professor, Counseling Education

One of the service projects the Counseling and Human Development department is sponsoring is a Hygiene Products Drive on behalf of Life Bridge Afterschool Program at True Light Christian Ministries .   In addition to offering Bible study opportunities, this Christian-based afterschool program provides assistance for students with homework, test preparation, reading, writing, math and computer skills, science projects and other academic skills needed to succeed in their schools. Life Bridge also offers creative activities in art, music and dance.

The needed items being collected are: Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, body soap, and feminine hygiene products. Also, needed are cleaning products and supplies including dish soap, scrubbing powder (Comet, etc.), laundry detergent, floor cleaner, and dish cloths, dish towels and paper towels. With one week left, we have had a generous response from all professors, adjuncts and graduate students in our program.

Another service project the students of the Counseling and Human Development Department are completing is preparing, reading, videotaping and uploading several theme books on to YouTube for use by the Massillon City Schools School Counseling Department. Mrs. Lori Link, a school counselor in Massillon contacted us to see if our students would be willing to read specifically themed books. Working with the Massillon City School Counselors, the videos will be uploaded by individual teachers on their SmartBoards to show to the students. Various discussions and activities will complete the lessons.

Copies of the books were purchased and the students have put in many extra hours practicing to ensure that both the content and the message presented in the books are clear. The books are: Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg, Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig, My Secret Bully by Trudy Ludwig, Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin , Red Ribbon Book by John Lasne and Sassafras by Audrey Penn.

We hope to have all the book readings completed in the next two weeks.

Nancy Varian, Director of Center for Professional Development; Assistant Professor of Education

Educator Appreciation event - On Sunday, October 14, from 1-5 p.m. at Varian Orchards, local teachers and their families are invited to share in a fun Fall afternoon with their own families in honor of their dedication and service. SEHD students assist with events at the farm including supervised play areas, nature walks, fishing, rides in the apple trolleys, and face painting.

SEHD & Library

Book Collection: Malone's Library and the School of Education & Human Development are collaborating to collect new books to donate to Mason Elementary for their library. 

The Athletics Department of Malone University hosts the Malone Cross Country Invitational, the Moose Run, and also a Children's Run in cooperation with the Jewish Community Center. The Cross Country teams help coordinate the event.

School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bridget McNulty, Director of Center for Clinical Learning

Nursing students are encouraged to join the student organizations Malone Nurses Christian Fellowship (MNCF) and the Malone Nursing Student Association (MNSA). Service projects include a fundraiser to support Refuge of Hope in Canton, a donation to Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank, collecting food for local food pantries, and raising awareness for students to vote.

Community Health Education

Pamela Hoalt, Professor of Health Education

Eta Sigma Gamma, the national professional health sciences honorary society, conducts service projects throughout the year, including presentations at Malone's September Health Promotion Fair table, and collecting change for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.


be:justice is a student-led organization whose purpose is to facilitate educational experiences, offer service opportunities, and engage in meaningful conversation and prayer around issues of working for justice in this world. This year, one of our focuses is going to be a commitment to volunteering in Canton with Lighthouse Ministries.

By volunteering at Lighthouse Ministries, members of be:justice hope to make a small difference in the lives of the children and share the love of Christ through our words, actions and deeds. Volunteering at Lighthouse will also make very apparent the issues of justice even in Canton and will help foster meaningful conversations on how we, as students, can make an impact.

Graduate and Professional Studies Enrollment

Marj Carlson Hurst, Dean of the School of Business and Leadership; Assistant Professor of Business Leadership

The office staff, recruiters and administrative staff will be spending lunch time on October 23 at one of Canton's inner-city schools to help host a pizza party and a book give-away for the first graders. Children will each receive the book of their choice from a four book selection. The books will have a name plates that are filled out to reflect that it is their book to keep. Many of these children have never owned a book. The GPS volunteers will serve pizza and punch, distribute the books, and read to a small group of children in partnership with Canton Kiwanis Club.