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Traditions & Symbols

The Inaugural ceremony installing Dr. David King as the 13th president of Malone University will include many traditions and symbols.

Inaugural Ceremony
The purpose of the presidential inauguration of David King is to honor Malone's history and inspire the community to embrace the future around a clear and shared vision. The Installation Ceremony formally inducts Dr. King as the 13th president. Delegates representing other universities will be part of the processional - as well as the faculty of Malone University. Tradition calls for delegates to be placed in the processional based on the order in which their institutions were founded.

Academic Attire
The clothing worn by academics at inaugurations, commencements, convocations, and other important events has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages.
The academic hood is an ornamental fold worn around the neck which drapes down the back of the gown. The length and shape of the hood vary with the degree. The colors of the lining of the hood is in the official colors of the university which awarded the degree. The colors worn on tassels, hoods, velvet, and satin trimmings include:

  • Arts, Letters, Humanities: White
  • Commerce, Accountancy, Business: Drab
  • Economics: Copper
  • Education: Light Blue
  • Engineering: Orange
  • Music: Pink
  • Philosophy: Dark Blue
  • Public Administration: Peacock Blue
  • Medicine: Green
  • Science: Golden Yellow
  • Theology: Scarlet
  • Social Work: Citron

Holders of all degrees wear caps, commonly known as mortarboards, to which a long tassel, hanging over the left side of the cap. Doctoral degree holders may wear tassels of gold thread; otherwise, the tassel is the color of the degree.


The Seal of Malone University/Presidential Medallion

Board Chair Steven Steer will present President King with the presidential medallion during the inaugural ceremony. The medallion is a replica of the Malone University seal. It is three inches in diameter and cast of pewter with a gold overlay, attached to a gold chain. The University motto, "Christ's Kingdom First" appears as it originally did in Latin - Regnum Christi Primum - with the symbolic open Bible, dove, and lamp.
President King will wear the medallion in all academic processions and ceremonial occasions.