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Cattell Library

Friends Churches and Meetings

Friends in North America generally worship in churches with pastors (programmed worship) or in silent, "unprogrammed" meetings. While some meetings are part of the following of independent yearly meetings, most local Friends' meetings in North America are affiliated with one of the following branches of Quakerism: (Descriptions provided are generalizations)

Listing of churches and meetings in North America

Listing of churches and meetings in the United States and Worldwide


Friends Worship

Conservative Meetings

Unprogrammed worship, non-pastoral, conservative, silent worship tradition.

Evangelical Friends International affiliated

Programmed, pastoral, evangelical worship tradition

3350 Reed St.
Wheat Ridge, Colo. 80033

Friends General Conference affiliated

Unprogrammed, non-pastoral, silent worship tradition

1216 Arch St. 2B
Philadelphia, Penn. 19107

Friends United Meeting affiliated

Programmed or semi-programmed and unprogrammed, worship traditions

101 Quaker Hill Dr.
Richmond, Ind. 47374