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Ministry would be easy if it weren't for the people: a workshop for Christian leaders

Pastors feel confident in ministry, but many struggle in their interaction with others.

A recent Barna study* found that while pastors continue to be capable spiritual leaders in many aspects, the ability to relate with members of their congregation is becoming increasingly difficult. Most have a firm grasp on theological teaching, but still experience an emotional disconnect with others.

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In order to serve as an educational resource, Malone University – Office of Spiritual Formation & Arrants-McSwain is offering a one-day workshop on Friday, January 18 from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Randall Campus Center that helps leaders address two issues related to this disconnect:

  1. How to understand and relate to the people of your congregation.
  2. How to develop spiritual formation practices that relate to your own and your congregation’s particular needs.

By the end of the day, pastors and other ministry leaders will understand how their own minds are wired and have tangible ways to relate spiritual formation to the people of their congregations.


8-8:45 a.m.      Doors Open. Registration. Continental Breakfast.

8:45-11 a.m.         Introduction to Psychological Type Theory

11-12 noon      Using Psychological Type to Interact with Your Congregation

12 Noon-1 p.m.           Soup and Salad Lunch provided

1-3 p.m.           Using Psychological Type to Develop Meaningful Spiritual Formation

Registration is limited to 50 participants.

Celia King of Arrants McSwain Leadership Development will use type theory to connect current findings in psychology and neuroscience to classic spiritual formation practices.

The mission of the Malone University Office of Spiritual Formation is to contribute to students’ spiritual formation by building them up to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ by providing faith development opportunities for individuals and groups in a variety of contexts.

* http://www.barna.org/leadership-articles/150-pastors-feel-confident-in-ministry-but-many-struggle-in-their-interaction-with-others