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Summer 2011 Research Grants

The Malone University Office of the Provost announces the following Summer Research Grant recipients for 2011. 

Jack Ballard, Ph.D., associate professor of music; will involve the recording of the choral parts to his oratorio, Incarnatus Dei

Eb de Oliveira, Ph.D., professor of psychology; research will examine the role of emotionality and parent-child interactions in the successful completion of a co-constructive executive task.  The goal is to enhance our understanding of successful parent-child teamwork within the young child’s zone of proximal development.

Steve Diakoff, Ph.D., professor of biology; research project involves using the RNAi (RNA interference) technique to investigate the clock mechanisms signaling overwintering in insects such as Culex pipiens, Aedes aegypti, and Belgica antarctica.  Steve will work with Dr. David Denlinger, world renowned entomologist at Ohio State University.

Shawn Floyd, Ph.D., professor of philosophy; research project is part of a more comprehensive study of Thomas Aquinas’s account of love, or charity, specifically, the inherently ordered and preferential nature of charity.

Bryan Hollon, Ph.D., assistant professor of theology; research will focus on the nature of Sacred Scripture (specifically the ontological status of Scripture in relation to the Triune God) and implications for biblical/theological pedagogy.

Steve Moroney, Ph.D., professor of theology; will review the most important literature in faith-learning integration from the past twenty years, with a special focus on the past decade, as a prelude to producing and article which re-maps the current state of the art.

Mary Quinn, D.B.A., assistant professor of organizational leadership; will submit an abstract for a chapter to be considered for inclusion in a book proposed to be published in 2012 by Triangle Publishing, Graduates’ View of the Importance of Christian Higher Education.