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Art-in-a-Case Exhibit at Malone University

The Malone University College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences – Department of Visual Arts: Art-in-a-Case exhibit is pleased to present the encaustic work of Therese Cook of Malvern, Ohio. Therese’s work is on display in Everett Cattell Library, beginning tomorrow through December 10, 2010. For more information, contact Clare Murray Adams, M.F.A., professor of visual art, at 330-471-8208.

Therese’s art interests lie in a variety of media.  Collage, colored pencils, and encaustic painting have found their way into her recent work.  The work showcased in the display area located outside of Everett Cattell Library demonstrates her accomplishment with encaustic paint.  Encaustic painting involves the use of hot wax with oil color suspended in the wax that is fused to a surface using hot irons.  Therese’s good sense of design and color is evident in the work on display and is the basis of her work as a certified interior designer.