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Combined bachelor and master of arts program in 5 years

The Malone University College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences – Department of Theology announces its newest program – the combined bachelor of arts/master of arts “4 + 1” program that allows a student to complete both the bachelor of arts degree and master of arts degree in a total of five years, leading to the master of arts in theological studies.

To be eligible for the program, an undergraduate student must be pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in one of the seven majors in the Department of Theology ( Bible and theology , educational ministries , sports outreach ministries , youth ministry , sports/educational ministries , youth/educational ministries , or youth/sports ministries ) or the Bible and theology minor. Students will meet with faculty advisors and the graduate program director at various checkpoints throughout the program, as well as maintain a 3.0 GPA, to determine eligibility.

Within the last 36 semester credit hours before completing the requirements of the bachelor’s degree, a student accepted into the 4+1 program may be allowed to enroll in specified graduate courses for up to 12 hours. These 12 hours may count for both undergraduate and graduate credit. Tuition for these courses will be charged at the undergraduate rate. Upon completion of all graduate program requirements, the student will be awarded the master of arts degree. All applicable financial aid obligations must be met throughout the program.