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Palace Theatre Film Festival

Ten Malone University student films will be featured as part of the Canton Palace International Film Festival on Friday, October 8.  The student films will run from 12:10 to 1:55 p.m. Some of the filmmakers will be on hand for Q & A afterward. Cost of admission is $4 per person. The historic Canton Palace Theatre is located at 605 Market Avenue North in Canton, OH. 

 University faculty submitted Malone Open Frame Film Festival winning entries from earlier years (2008-2010) to the Palace festival programmers, who then selected four additional student films for inclusion, as well.  

Student films playing at the festival include the following:

Questionable Behavior directed by Stephen Thomas / 13 min. / 2008 / Narrative Fiction
Will the police officer succeed in his attempt to bring in this drunken driver?  Will the driver manage to keep his wits about him?  Or are these the wrong questions to be asking?

Another Winter in Canton directed by Dan Walton / 5:20 min. / 2009 / Experimental
One long day in Canton, Ohio shows the quiet and subtle beauty of winter set to the music of a local band, Wild Boy of Aveyron.

Definition directed by Alyssa Pearson / 14:37 min. / 2009 / Narrative Fiction
Val Carter feels trapped in monotony and decides to take drastic measures to escape her mundane reality.  The further she is from familiarity, the more she learns that assigning meaning to her life does not need to be so definite.

Sloth directed by Dusty Jenkins / 16 min. / 2009 / Documentary
An impromptu game invented by bored college students becomes a cherished tradition lasting for seven years despite threats from the institution and even the city.

Benedict Sexton directed by Dusty Jenkins and Michael Popp / 12:44 min. / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
A break-in at midnight morphs into an unlikely connection.

Keepsakes directed by Alyssa Pearson / 16:26 min.  / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
Aiden's estranged grandmother has just passed away, leaving him in a state of mournful disappointment.  At the release of the will, he finds a to-do list written in her hand.  Spontaneously, he decides to attempt the written tasks in order to get to know her.

Two for Tuesday directed by Ryan Baechel / 5 min. / 2009 / Experimental
One night with big questions is handled in a dreamlike way in this experimental short about personal spiritual struggle.

(w)hole directed by Taylor Hazlett / 6:14 min. / 2010 / Narrative Fiction
This silent film uses iconic images to wander through a girl’s journey into adulthood. The story is big, the telling is simple. A parable about loss and recovery.

Always directed by Ashley Barstow / 3:49 min. / 2010 / Short Documentary Subject
This short documentary uses old family films to explore the connection between a song and a relationship.

Chalk Burst directed by Nate Ross, Chris DeMichel, & Meredith Borling /3:51 min. /2008 /Experimental.
A class project yielded this stop motion meditation on beauty and movement; on art and nature.