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6411-Malone University’s Adam Cord publishes Phil Keaggy: Sketchbook

6411-September 26, 2012

Adam Cord Malone University instructor of guitar Adam Cord has published Phil Keaggy: Sketchbook, sharing the music and techniques of the world-renowned guitarist.

Phil Keaggy has been one of the most admired and creative guitarists in the world throughout his long career. Now 15 of his unique and challenging compositions for acoustic guitar have been transcribed in meticulous detail in Phil Keaggy: Sketchbook ($25/String Boy Music) by Akron-based guitarist, Adam Cord. More than 200 pages, Sketchbook presents the most accurate and detailed transcriptions of Keaggy's music ever available, complete with study notes and thoughts from Phil regarding each piece.

The selection in the book are drawn from two of Keaggy's standout recordings, 1997's Acoustic Sketches and 2003's Freehand: Acoustic Sketches II. These two compact discs offer a broad cross-section of Phil Keaggy's styles and techniques, from blazing improvisational jams to country-influenced fingerpicking. Acoustic fingerstyle guitarists and flatpicking lead players alike will find a wealth of material in Sketchbook. The book is now available from Amazon.com and philkeaggy.com.

About The Author

Adam Cord is a performer and teacher from Akron, OH. He holds a bachelor's degree in fingerstyle guitar performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Adam is a guitar instructor on the faculty at Malone University in Canton, OH. He has performed all over the Midwest and has recorded three CDs to date. For more information, or to schedule an interview, please call 330.794.4408 or emailstringboymu...@hotmail.com. Review copies are available to the media on request.

Contact: Adam Cord



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