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6479-Malone University Professor of New Testament Studies discusses miracle discourse in new book published by Society of Biblical Literature

6479-November 21, 2012

DWDuane Watson, Ph.D., professor of New Testament studiesat Malone University since 1989 has released his latest work, Miracle Discourse in the New Testament, through the Society of Biblical Literature. Dr. Watson served as editor as well as contributor for the work released earlier this month.

The volume explores the rhetorical role that miracle discourse plays in the argumentation of the New Testament and early Christianity. The investigation includes both the rhetoric within miracle discourse and the rhetorical role of miracle discourse as it was incorporated into the larger works in which it is now a part. The volume also examines the social, cultural, religious, political, and ideological associations that miracle discourse had in the first-century Mediterranean world, bringing these insights to bear on the broader questions of early Christian origins. The contributors are L. Gregory Bloomquist, Wendy Cotter, David A. deSilva, Davina C. Lopez, Gail O'Day, Todd Penner, Vernon K. Robbins, and Duane F. Watson.

Duane F. Watson is professor of New Testament studies at Malone University. He is the author of The Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament: A Bibliographic Survey (Deo) and co-author of Rhetorical Criticism of the Bible: A Comprehensive Bibliography with Notes on History and Method (Brill). He has edited or co-edited various titles, including The Intertexture of Apocalyptic Discourse in the New Testament (Society of Biblical Literature) and Words Well Spoken: George Kennedy's Rhetoric of the New Testament (Baylor University Press).

Malone University, a Christian university for the arts, sciences, and professions in the liberal arts tradition, affiliated with the Evangelical Friends Church, awards both undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 100 academic programs. Malone has been recognized by the prestigious Templeton Foundation as a leader in character development, as one of Northeast Ohio’s Top Workplaces by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and is ranked among the top colleges and universities in the Midwest under the category Regional Universities according to U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges 2015 


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