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FAQ-A Few Basics

We bill one semester at a time.

Fall bills are issued in July with an August 3 due date, and spring bills are issued in December with a January 3 due date. Important: The first payment of each semester guarantees your class registration.

Take a look at your preview bill.

The “Statement Balance Forward” in the top gray bar reflects any balance remaining from the previous semester.

You'll see three columns of figures.

The first two are easy: “Charges” (for amounts billed), and “Credits” (for payments and financial aid). The third column is called “Updated Balance”; this is a running total, just like you use in your checkbook.

Look below the line to the left for some messages.

Throughout the year, they may or may not pertain to your account in particular.

Look below the line to the right for some “Very Important Figures”. Your account balance, payment amount due, and due date are shown here.

Subsequent statements are issued monthly, regardless of whether you pay in full or on the monthly payment plan; they are mailed by the 20th of the month. If you chose the 10-month payment plan, there is a $50 fee each semester, fall and spring.

ePioneer is an online option for paying by credit card or directly from your checking or savings account.

Can I purchase Student Injury and Sickness Insurance through the University if I do not have health insurance coverage?

Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, we are no longer offering Student Injury and Sickness Insurance to our students. GDK & Company has provided their website address for students interested in purchasing health insurance coverage. For further details, please visit: gdkandco.com.