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Frequently Asked Questions — Charges

I pre-registered for a full-time schedule. Why am I being charged for part-time tuition?

You may have been closed out of one of your classes selected. Please call the Registrar's Office to correct your schedule.

If I'm living on campus, shouldn't I be charged for room & board?

Yes. Please call Student Development to verify your housing record.

Can I still change my board plan?

Maybe…freshmen are all on the Carte Blanche (full-meal) plan. Upperclassmen may contact Student Development for info.

I'm a new student and I paid a $200 enrollment deposit. Why am I only getting credit for $80 or $180?

$20 pays your orientation fee. In addition, $100 is applied as a housing/security deposit for resident students.

I'm a returning student and I paid a $100 room draw fee. Don't I get that back?

If you move into your dorm room, you'll see a credit to your account in September.

What is the “Comprehensive Fee”? Do I have to pay that?

The comprehensive fee is a mandatory charge to all students registered for at least 8 hours. It finances the Student Health Center, plus all student organizations, events and publications. So get out there and participate!

What are “Course Fees”?

Certain classes involve non-tuition expenses, such as supplies, travel, tickets, entrance fees, etc, purchased on behalf of the students enrolled.

Do I have to keep the Mandatory Athletic Insurance? I have my own coverage...

If you are a student athlete, you must retain the Mandatory ICS (Intercollegiate Sport) coverage.