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Traditional Undergraduate Fees for the Current Academic Year

This page contains the fee schedules for traditional undergraduate students for the current academic year, next academic year, and the previous academic year. Graduate Fee Schedules can be found on the Graduate Fee Schedules Page.

Current Academic Year

Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 Semesters


Block Tuition: $14,262/semester (12 to 18 credit hours)

Part-Time/Overload Tuition: $494/credit hour (for 0.5 to 11.5 hours and for each hour in excess of 18)

Room & Board

Room: $2,237/semester

Private Room: $2,787/semester

Room w/amenities: $2,387/semester

Private Room w/amenities: $2,887/semester 

Carte Blanche Board Plan: $2,277/semester

14-Meal Board Plan: $2,158/semester

10-Meal Board Plan: $2,040/semester

*Please refer to 2016 -17 Undergraduate Catalog/Student Development/Board (Meal) Plans for descriptions

Comprehensive Fee

12 hours or more enrollment: $449/semester

8 to 11.5 hours enrollment: $224/semester

Miscellaneous Fees

Academic Course Fees (as required): $10 - $550

Add/Drop a Course: $10

Application Fee: $20

Chapel Fines: $35/missed service

Graduation Fee: $85

Late Payment Fee: $50/month

Late Registration Fee: $100

NSF Check Fee: $20

Off-campus Study Administrative Fee: $270

Online Distributed Learning Tuition Fee: $180/per course

Payment Plan Fee: $50/semester

Student Intercollegiate Sports Insurance (Mandatory for Athletes): $400

Testing-out $40/exam: $30/credit hour passed

Withdrawal Fee: $100 or 5% of direct costs

Student Teaching

15 Weeks: $350

Nursing Fees

NURS 213, 214 Nursing Lab/Clinical/Test/Course: $550

NURS 313, 314: $475

NURS 413, 414: $475

NURS 462 Course exams/Materials/NCLEX Course: $475

Nursing Pinning Fee: $85

Advance Deposits

Enrollment Deposit Resident: $200 (orientation $20/security deposit $100/prepaid to student account $80)

Enrollment Deposit Commuter: $200 (orientation $20/prepaid to student account $180)

Room Reservation Deposit: $100 (returning students)

Summer 2016


$376 per credit hour

Room & Board

Room $280 with Board Plan of $420 each 5 week session

Summer Miscellaneous Fees

Summer payment plan fee: $30

Academic Course Fees (as required): $10 - $50

Online Fee: $180/per course