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FAQ: Questions About Your Financial Aid?

I received an award letter, but there is no aid on my bill.

Uh-oh, not good. Refer to the first FAQ in the "Charges" section above: if you have full-time aid and a part-time schedule, your aid will not show. Otherwise, please contact Financial Aid.

Where is my Federal Work-Study credit?

FWS will never show as estimated aid on the bill. A maximum earnings limit is awarded, but you must actually get a job and work before you'll earn work-study paychecks. The first full payday for fall isn't until September 15. Some students use FWS for tuition, some for other expenses.

Why are my loans lower than the amounts on the award letter?

With the new Direct Lending rules, 1.068% is retained by the government in fees before issuing loan funds. We therefore estimated your disbursed loans at 98.932%

Why is some of my other aid missing?

There might be missing or incomplete paperwork. Please speak with our staff in Financial Aid to help you sort out the details.