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Payment Information

This page provides information on payment options for Malone's undergraduate students. For payment options for Graduate programs, see the Graduate Tuition Fees page.

Payment information

Important Resources


Access your student account information on MaloneXpress and pay online using ePioneer

MaloneXpress - Student Account Information

Parents/Authorized Users:

Use the ePioneer Link above if you have a student-created User ID and Password

ePioneer Payment - Parent/Authorized User


The University will not release transcripts, diplomas or teaching licenses until all accounts are settled.

All charges must be paid in full before graduation. All accounts must be paid in full before enrollment in another semester is permitted. Interest may be charged on any unpaid balance.

The university reserves the right to use collection agencies and/or take appropriate legal action to collect any unpaid tuition and fees owed to the college.

All associated collection costs will be the responsibility of the student.