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FAQ-Questions About Your Payment?

Payments are due the third of each month from August through May. Call the Business Office to change your plan between full and monthly.

Everything looks right, but I just didn't think my payment would be so high. Now what?

Start with the Business Office to review your bill. If you're interested in a Parent PLUS or Alternative loan, call Financial Aid. If there are other issues you'd like to discuss, please contact Cliff Schenk in the Center for Student Success.

Can I make a payment before the August 3 due date?

Certainly. Use the remittance slip and envelope with your preview bill. Important! If paying monthly, an early payment (made before you receive your official fall bill) will reduce your total for the fall and not just the August 3 payment. You will still owe a lower August 3 payment.

My ending balance shows a minus sign. Do I owe anything?

A minus sign means a credit balance. If this is not what you expected, please let us review your account with you. If you expected a credit, please remember that it is just an estimate until all of your aid money is received. You can “spend” your estimated credit in the Bookstore by charging books to your student account.