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Traditional Undergraduate Fees

For Previous Academic Years

Fall 2009 & Spring 2010 Semesters


Block Tuition: $10,365/semester (12 to 18 credit hours)

Part-Time/Overload Tuition: $370/credit hour (for 0.5 to 11.5 hours and for each hour in excess of 18)

Room & Board

Room: $1810/semester

Carte Blanche Board Plan: $1740/semester

14-Meal Board Plan: $1640/semester

10-Meal Board Plan: $1515/semester

Comprehensive Fee

12 hours or more enrollment: $175/semester

8 to 11.5 hours enrollment: $87.50/semester

Miscellaneous Fees

Academic Course Fees (as required): $10 - $375

Add/Drop a Course: $10

Application Fee: $20

Chapel Fines: $35/missed service

Graduation Fee: $60

Late Payment Fee: $40/month

Late Registration Fee: $150

NSF Check Fee: $20

Off-campus Study Administrative Fee: $250

Online Distributed Learning Tuition Fee: $120/course

Parking Permit: $50/annually

Payment Plan Fee: $35/semester

Practice Room Use: $10 @ 5 hours/week, each applied music course

Student Health Insurance (Non-Athlete): $195/year, $150/Spring-Summer only

Student Health Insurance (Athletic): $310/year

Testing-out $40/exam: $30/credit hour passed

Withdrawal Fee: $100 or 5% of direct costs

Student Teaching

Stark County: 15 Weeks $225

Out of County: 15 Weeks $275

Nursing Fees

NURS 213,214 Nursing Lab/Clinical/Test/Course: $300

NURS 313, 314, 413, 414/442: $300

NURS 462 Course exams/Materials/NCLEX Course: $300

Nursing Pinning Fee: $75

Advance Deposits

Pre-Registration for Classes: $100 ($90 applied to tuition/$10 orientation expense)

Resident Security Deposit: $50 (new residents)

Room Reservation Deposit: $100 (returning residents)