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Classroom Media Services

Cattell Library:

  • CL24 has a mounted projector that is hooked up to a computer in the front of the room.
  • CL46 (the Mac Lab) has a mounted projector, Document Viewing machine (ELMO, TV with DVD/VHS, Overhead and a Smart Board
  • CL49 has a mounted projector, computer, DVD/VHS unit as well as sound equipment for Fine Arts courses for various Fine Arts classes.

Centennial Center:

  • Each classroom in Centennial Center has a television, DVD/VCR, and overhead projector.
  • CC103, 104, 105, 107 have ceiling mounted projectors along with a computer and DVD/VCR combo unit.
  • The Deuble Room has a mounted ceiling projector, television, VCR, overhead projector, computer and video/data projector. Its screen is hidden along side the east wall and is deployed by a switch on the same wall.
  • The Brehme Conference Center has a touch screen that controls the media options for the room. There is a mounted projector, computer, DVD, VCR combo unit and cable TV access. If you need training on this room or any other room, please contact Media Services ext 8309

DeVol Hall:

  • Each classroom in DeVol Hall has a television, DVD/ VCR, overhead projector, and a mounted projector and a computer.

Founders Hall:

  • FH65 and FH 24 have ceiling mounted projectors along with DVD/VCR combo units, televisions, and overhead projectors.

Mitchell Hall:

  • Each classroom in Mitchell Hall has a television, DVD/VCR, overhead projector, ceiling mounted projector, and computer. Remote controls for these devices can be found on the side of the televisions in each room.
  • Silk Auditorium has a robust sound system along with controllable lights. There is network connectivity and power for each audience member in the first three rows.
  • MH203 and MH301 have an integrated sound system.
  • MH209 and MH309 have network and power capabilities for each desk.
  • The conference room located in MH201 has a mounted projector, computer, overhead, and a VHS/DVD player. There is a Smartbox on the wall that houses the VHS/DVD player and the controls for the mounted projector. The Smartbox also has a hookup for a laptop.

Timken Science Hall:

  • Most classrooms have mounted projectors and computer with multimedia controls on the wall.

Regula Hall:

  • Each classroom has a mounted projector and computer and touch screen controls.

Johnson Center:

  • Each classrooms has a mounted projector and a computer in the room. There are teaching stations with touch screen controls.

Osborne Hall:

  • Each classroom in Osborne Hall has a television, VCR, and overhead projector.
  • OH21 has a projector with a computer, VCR, and DVD player attached. This unit is portable and can be shared with the other adjoining classrooms. Please return the cart to its home at the end of class.

Randall Campus Center (The Barn):

  • The Stewart Room has a mounted data projector with a computer and DVD/VCR Combo unit.

Strand Building:

  • Each classroom in Strand building has a television, VCR/DVD player, and overhead projector. A projector on a cart with a laptop can be shared and scheduled between the 2 classrooms.