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Housekeeping, Grounds and Maintenance Requests

Physical Plant has instituted a new system for submitting and tracking work orders, called "School Dude." This system allows you to check the status of submitted requests and will automatically send you an email when requests are completed.

To submit a maintenance request or to view the status of previously submitted requests, click here . (This will open a new window so that you can refer to these instructions).

Instructions (Please read before submitting your first work order.)

If this is your first visit:

  1. enter your email address, click Submit
  2. enter your last name, click Submit
  3. enter your first name (and other info if you so choose), click Submit

Select the building, then enter a room number or location.

Select a Problem Type:

Custodial - cleaning requests
Delivery - request for moving material/furnishings
Electrical - if there are lights needing replacement, power outage, etc.
Event Setup - for internal use only!! To request a room for an event, use the event reservation form.
General Maintenance - for all those items you would normally put in the regular Work Order, such as painting needed, boxes needed, etc.
Grounds - grounds-related requests
HVAC - if your office is too hot or too cold.
Lighting - indoor or outdoor lighting requests
Plumbing - if there are any problems with faucets, toilets, etc
Recycling - to request pickup of recycling materials

Enter a description of the problem.

Enter the submittal password of password .

Click Submit.

On subsequent visits, you will only have to enter your email address to submit requests and/or view the status of previously submitted requests (by clicking the My Requests tab).

If you have any login questions, please call 330-471-8258. If you have a work order question, please call the Physical Plant Office.