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Questions about Orientation?

Is Orientation required?

Yes, Orientation is required of ALL new students - but we've designed Orientation to be both fun and informative, so we're confident you'll WANT to be a part of it.

How do I know if I'm a "first year" or a "transfer" student?

First year students have not enrolled in any college or schooling since graduating from high school. If you've done post secondary classes - taking college classes while in high school - you are still considered a first year student.

Transfer students previously attended a different college OR have taken out any form of financial aid since graduating from high school.

If you're still not sure what you are, call Admissions to find out! 330-471-8145.


Do parents need to attend Orientation? 

Malone University strongly encourages parents to attend the first day of Orientation. We believe it helps new students make a comfortable transition to college, and it also provides parents with valuable information about Malone - including advice on transitions for parents, too!

Is there a charge for attending?

No - there's no charge!

Where is check-in?

Check-in takes place in the Johnson Center, the entrance from Cleveland Avenue. There will be signs everywhere!  (Find it with our interactive Campus Map.)

Why do I need to check in?

Students will receive their class assignments, mailbox information, and other important materials at this time.

I'm coming to campus earlier than orientation (for a sport, band, or some other activity), so do I still need to check in at orientation?

Yes! Again, you'll be receiving important information, such as your class assignments. You'll also need to sign up for particular Orientation activities.

I will be living on campus. When can I move in?

After you have checked in at the Johnson Center on the morning of orientation, you will check in at the desk in the main lobby of your residence hall and then begin moving into your room.

Will offices at Malone be open during Orientation?

Of course! We are excited for your arrival. Our staffs will be ready and waiting for you in Admissions, the Business Office, Center for Student Success, Financial Aid, the Bookstore, and the Mail Room.

May we buy textbooks during Orientation?

Sure! The University Bookstore will be open from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Whom do we contact if a family member needs disability accommodations for Orientation?

Please call Anna Meadows at 330-471-8496 or email her at nzrnqbjf+znybar+rqh this summer to make arrangements for wheelchair access, interpreters, etc., for events.

Who can I contact for more information about Orientation?

Please call the Office of Student Development at 330-471-8273 or email Pattie Anderson at cnaqrefba+znybar+rqh.

You will receive a detailed schedule of all Orientation activities when you arrive on campus.