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New Vision


new vision 2013-14

New Vision is a musical outreach team that performs a variety of styles of music in all settings that anyone can enjoy.

This small group of seven makes them the perfect addition to any church service or function. New Vision travels during the academic year (September- April) and they are available for bookings in your churches, schools, conferences, and civic events.

This year's team includes: 

Joseph Carnes from Mount Gilead, Ohio

Jonathan Levi Hundley from Danville, Va.

Natali Masters from Las Cruces, N.M.

Caitlin McCarthy from New Washington,  Ohio

Kennedy McCrea from Salem, Ohio

Anna Olsen from Akron, Ohio

Jacob Peters from Medina, Ohio

If you are interested in booking New Vision, please contact the Outreach Office at 330.471.8434 or fill out the form below:

You may also purchase the New Vision CD.