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Classes Not Open for Visits October 2, 2015

Some classes are not open to visits due to a full classroom, field trips, student presentations or tests.

 Class Name                                                                                           Professor                             
ART - no classes on Friday, student studio time All professors
BUS 342 Management Principles, 1 p.m. Bankert
BUS 361 International Business, 9 a.m. Frankland
CHEM 131 General Chemistry I, 9 a.m. Goff
CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I, 8 a.m. Goff
ECON 401 Money and Banking, 11 a.m. Frankland
ENG 231 Introduction to Creative Writing, 9 a.m. Russell
MATH 125 O2 Introductory Algebra Guiley
PE 215 Anatomical Structure and Function Devine
THEO 331 Christian Theology I, 10 a.m. Moroney