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Student Gift Packages & Flowers

Big Birthday Cookies, Gift Baskets

Has your son or daughter had a birthday or received an award? Do they need cheering up or a little TLC? AVI Fresh has gifts to surprise your son or daughter and show them how much you care whether you live close to campus or far away. Orders should be placed 72 hours in advance at the AVI Gifts from Home site.


To order a last minute birthday treat or flowers (see flower selections below), please click Gift Packages to place your order online or call (330) 471-8454. We will let your loved one know they have a surprise waiting for them in our office.


Say It With Flowers!    

View and Order bouquets especially designed for 2017 Graduates                              

We have a special arrangement with award-winning Canton florist, Cathy Cowgill Flowers. Arrangements are incredibly fresh and long lasting. Colors and larger sizes may be special ordered on many items.

Pastel#1 Dozen Pastel Roses $34.95
Red#2 Dozen Red Roses $34.95

 Clear Vase, Mixed Flwoers#3 Clear vase w/mixed flowers $34.95





#4 Insulated Floral Mug $34.95








#5 Gerberas Cylinder Vase $29.95








#6 Gerbera Daisy Vase $29.95








#7 Malone University Yellow Cube $29.95





Red Mug#8 Red Malone Mug with Flowers $35


Blue Mug#9 Blue Malone Mug with Flowers $35

Need flowers for another occasion? If you tell Cathy Cowgill Flowers that you are a Malone Parent, they will give you the Malone Partners rate. Visit their website.