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Our neighbors

January 31, 2017

Dear Colleagues - Students, Faculty & Staff: 

I want to take this time given our current environment, to highlight core elements of our life together in community at Malone. 

Our learned and lived understanding of The Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22: 34-40) and the associated command to “love your neighbor as yourself” calls us to respond to the uncertainties and anxieties of the day with a posture of heartfelt empathy. Our model is The Good Samaritan who, although unknown to the victim and of a different ethnicity and culture exhibited compassion, empathy and care at a personal cost.

May all of our neighbors know our Malone University community to be a community of love, love that is deeply informed by Christ’s sacrificial love for all. Our faith calls us to Samaritan courage.

With gratitude for each of you, 

Dr. King

David A. King, Ed.D.

welcoming the stranger

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