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research symposium

What Professors Have to Say about Student Research


Maria Lam"When students do research, they learn how to appreciate other people's research findings, know how to use them in their projects, and develop confidence in solving managerial problems in the future. It gives me great joy to see my students present their projects to clients at the end of each semester. Many students practice managerial skills in the process of doing research and learn how to serve the local community through their academic work."
- Maria Lam, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration 

Lauren Seifert"Regardless of a student's major - from visual arts to nursing, from business to chemistry, and from math to social work - undergraduate research is foundational. Students can learn critical thinking skills and techniques for effective problem solving. Any student can benefit from research experience and carry its lessons into myriad aspects of personal and professional life." 

- Lauren Seifert, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Chair, Human Research Committee/IRB