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Theologically Informed Worship

How do we worship God rightly? 

Bible and Theology major Aaron Bunnell '13 spent his junior year at Malone researching the answer to this question. 


"When you're only talking about [worship] styles,  you get all sorts of opinions," Bunnell says. "But when you start talking about the theology that's beneath those styles... there are actually a lot of common responses." 

Bryan Hollon, Aaron Bunnell

These commonalities led the evangelical protestant student to a surprising structure: catechesis. 

"Many Christians have neglected traditional worship patterns and distinctive liturgical elements because they have not been taught to understand them," Bunnell explains. "Catechesis, with its emphasis on shared doctrinal questions and answers, has potential to deepen the theological formation of worshippers." 

Specifically, by using the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, Bunnell's project imagines, "an interrelatedness between worship and catches in the context of today's protestant evangelical churches in order to encourage worship in faith communities that is better informed theologically." 

"I still feel like I only barely scratched the surface," Bunnell continues. "There [are] always questions upon questions, it seems. And like the worship of God, it can always go deeper."