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 China Service Learning Trip 2014                                                                          china photo

Dates: May 7-May 21, 2014

Cost: $3,000-$3,200/per person

Co-Leaders: Donghai Chen and (tentatively) Jacci Stuckey Welling

Malone University students travel to Shanghai and Bejing for the 2014 China Service-Learning Trip. China is the most populous nation and one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. We will first travel to Shanghai, the largest city in China. Once called the "pearl of the Orient," Shanghai is home to a number of historical, architectural, and cultural gems, including, The Bund, PuDong, Nanjing Road, and Yu Garden.

The second leg of the trip will take us to Beijing, China's capital and site of the 2008 Summer Olympics. We will visit the Forbidden City, and China's Great Wall. Service projects will include working in a Christian home for orphans in Shanghai.