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Ukraine Service Learning Trip 2011


Dates: May 1-15, 2011

Trip leaders: Rachel Lantz and Brock Reiman

In-Country Hosts: Orphan’s Hope

Cost: Approximately $2,000

We will be working with Tara Belt, Esther Snyder Harsh, and Rachel Gilmore, three Malone alumnae who live in Ukraine and work with Orphan’s Hope to mentor youth who face gangs, drugs and life on the street.

Sites we’ll visit:

  • Vorontsov Palace in Yalta
  • Russian Orthodox Churches
  • Khan’s Castle in Bakchisarai
  • Different types of schools (Public, Boarding and Technical)
  • A hospital
  • A baby house (as pictured left)

While we’re there, we’ll participate in a number of service projects.

  • Play with kids at orphanages
  • Small construction projects: (painting, cleaning, landscaping)
  • Interact with teens who are in transition from living in orphanages.