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Finding a Local Church

You're not alone.

Many college students don't know where to start when it comes to choosing a church - or even if it's worth their time.

The Office of Spiritual Formation staff would love to talk to you about how attending church can impact you, and how you can go about looking. Feel free to stop by our office (Barn) anytime to talk with us. In the meantime, here are some starter resources.

Why is the church so important, anyway?

I've been there, and my experience hasn't been that great.

How do I choose a church when there are so many out there?

This article has practical tips on finding a church that will fit you and help you grow in your faith: Choosing a church

This article focuses on helping you find a church based on the community of people rather than the building or programs offered: How to find a church that's a fit for me

I Don't Want to Go Alone!

Many Malone staff/faculty have offered to take students with them to church, or to meet students at their church so that students don't have to attend alone. Here's a list of faculty/staff who would love for you to attend church with them.