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chapel worship

Spiritual Formation Opportunities

Spiritual Formation Opportunities are a part of what makes Malone distinctive. A spiritual life is an integrated one; our faith should be lived out in everything we do. Spiritual Formation Opportunities are vital to help develop an integrated faith in order to impact the world. 

We have developed opportunities for students to grow in faith and life and realize that this growth happens in many ways through the power and enabling of the Holy Spirit.

Our office is pleased to offer many different types of Spiritual Formation Opportunities that will allow and encourage students' experience and understanding of God's Truth through study of the Bible, exposure to corporate worship, and opportunities to understand the relationship offered to us in Christ.

All students participate in Spiritual Formation by earning at least 20 credits each semester. For more information about the Spiritual Formation Credit Guidelines, click here.

Here are Spiritual Formation Opportunities for the rest of the semester:

April 14-17 (PDF)

April 22-25 (PDF)